In March, we get extra mischievous, celebrating the sillier side of the wizarding world. This year, discover our new hilarious Hagrid’s Magical Mischief AR filter . To demonstrate how it works, we asked JLS star and Harry Potter fan Aston Merrygold to try it out!

What’s your favourite funny moment from the Wizarding World? Is it basically anything Fred and George do? Ron vomiting slugs? Peeves’ poems? The many naughty antics of the Niffler? Whatever it may be, this is what Magical Mischief is all about – a chance for us to embrace magic, even when it doesn’t do quite what you expect.

This year, we’ve recruited the help of singer, dancer and television star, Aston Merrygold, to try out one of our new mischievous creations – an AR filter available on Instagram. In the video below, Aston, alongside his son, Grayson, shows you how our new filter works and the mischievous options to choose from. The results? Adorable.

As you can see, the filter features different magical modes to try out, themed around some of our favourite mischievous magical creatures. As Harry Potter fans know all too well, Rubeus Hagrid is somewhat an expert when it comes to magical creatures (the good, bad and the ugly) so we’ve equipped you with his ‘umbrella’ (which definitely did not hold the contents of Hagrid’s broken wand...) to perform some of your own digital enchantments.

For example, you can recreate Ron’s famous “eat slugs” moment, complete with slugs coming out of your mouth, or you can relive Dudley’s unfortunate pig transformation, courtesy of Hagrid, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Our official filter tester Aston spoke about his love for Harry Potter, and how he’s now enjoying passing down the stories to his son.

“I am a big Harry Potter fan and love a bit of mischief too, Dobby is my favourite character! He might be a house-elf, but he’s definitely got some mischievous tricks up his sleeve! Being such a big fan, I couldn’t wait to join in with Magical Mischief Month. The filter made everyone at home laugh so much, especially when Grayson started puking slugs like Ron, he thought it was hilarious!”

“Halloween is usually a favourite Harry Potter time in our household when we re-watch the films, but it’s been so much fun celebrating Magical Mischief with the Wizarding World this March with the filter and all the great activities on the website! It’s made family time even more magical.”

So, if you’re old enough, check out the AR filter for yourself by heading to @WizardingWorld on Instagram. There, you can click the Face icon at the top of photo grid and select the ‘Magical Mischief’ effect. You’ll then see an example of the effect and the option to ‘Try it’. Be sure to tag @wizardingworld and include #MagicalMischief in your posts.

And if you want to see what other magical tomfoolery we’ve been up to, visit our Magical Mischief collection page for quizzes, articles, puzzles and more.