Fans of Bloomsbury’s Hogwarts house-themed Harry Potter books are in for a treat today, as the new covers for the fifth adventure were revealed.

Each crest, once again designed by illustrator Levi Pinfold, comes packed with easter eggs and little references from the fifth Harry Potter story. Learn about each of the minute details displayed in the covers below.





This is the fifth offering from Australia-based artist Levi Pinfold, who has been working on these special edition Bloomsbury books since the first book, always being sure to incorporate small details into each cover.

Levi told us earlier this year, ‘I think to get that much detail into such a small space is kind of exciting and kind of cool. It’s just the little tiny details that I really enjoy because they’re so hard to see and I think that really brings it together and turns it into something you feel like you can disappear into.’

You can watch more of Levi’s Wizarding World thoughts here.

You can pre-order the Hogwarts House Edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (whichever house you hail from!) at the Bloomsbury website. You even get a little pocket-sized house notebook as a free treat!