Whether you’re interested in origami or destroying Horcruxes (yes, really) this new line of licensed Wizarding World activity books and film replicas has something for everybody.

We are now officially in Back to Hogwarts season (or “back to school season” as Muggles may call it) and we’re getting in the Hermione mood by exploring this new line of activity books that are either on sale now – or coming soon.

Wherever your interests may lie (from sticker collecting to crochet) enjoy a browse through this inspiring new assortment of activity books which all celebrate Wizarding World themes.

For collectors

Harry Potter: Create by Sticker: Hogsmeade (Scholastic)


Get ready for something really cute – this adorable sticker book invites you to match Wizarding World stickers to the corresponding pages to reveal 10 magical scenes. For example, which character was it who famously brewed Polyjuice Potion? Which of the golden trio is a whiz at Wizard Chess again? You’ll need to put your Harry Potter knowledge to the test to match the stickers to the moments.

The book is out now.

Harry Potter: Destroy the Horcruxes (Scholastic)


In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry, Ron and Hermione famously go on the hunt for Horcruxes – and now it’s your turn. This new activity book from Scholastic invites you to completely destroy it – just pretend it’s Tom Riddle’s diary. Don’t be shy – rip pages to shreds, colour all over it, or even pour orange juice on it. This is a book where it’s actually OK to wreck its pages. Although we imagine Madam Pince would be horrified!

Harry Potter: Destroy the Horcruxes will become available 2nd November.

Harry Potter Divination Crystal Ball: Lights Up! (Running Press)


It is time to look into the beyond. This crystal ball replica, which comes alongside a tie-in book, lights up so you can make your bedroom resemble Professor Trelawney’s classroom. Whether you trust Divination or not – this addition to your home sure will look pretty.

__Harry Potter Divination Crystal Ball: Lights Up! Is available 2nd November. __

Harry Potter Screaming Mandrake with Sound (Running Press)


If you consider yourself a green-fingered type, this Herbology inspired product and tie-in book could be the perfect treat for yourself. This potted Mandrake replica cries just like the Mandrakes in the Harry Potter films, so be sure to look after them well!

Harry Potter Screaming Mandrake with Sound is released 21st September.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Trunk Collectible Set (Running Press)


You can’t possibly go back to Hogwarts without your trunk! This deluxe replica of Harry’s trunk (complete with a wand pen, interactive journal, enamel pin, Marauder’s Map, Quidditch match ticket and more inside) gives you the full Hogwarts school experience – not to mention this would make a wonderful gift for an indecisive person!

__Harry Potter: Hogwarts Trunk Collectible Set is available now. __

For crafty fans

Harry Potter: Origami Volume 2 (Scholastic)


Fans of the first Harry Potter: Origami book will be happy to learn there is now a new volume, with a new set of magical props for you to make with your best papercraft and wizardry.

The book comes with step-by-step instructions and special sheets of illustrated origami paper for each craft, from Hagrid’s Hut to Scabbers the rat.

Harry Potter: Origami Volume 2 is out now!

Harry Potter: World of Stickers (Thunder Bay Press)


This sticker book features over 934 full-colour stickers (get it?) for you to play with inside this special collectible book. Expect house crests and banners, Patronuses, Quidditch equipment, fantastic beasts and much more. Perfect for scrapbooking purposes or simply giving your possessions a magical twist.

Harry Potter: World of Stickers is available 26th October.

Harry Potter: Crochet Wizardry (Insight Editions)


Is there a cosier autumnal hobby than sitting down and doing a bit of crocheting? If you agree, you’ll love this crochet guide to create your own costumes, creatures and classic artefacts from the Harry Potter films. From the Sorting Hat to Fawkes the Phoenix, it’s got the lot. This comprehensive book has projects for every skill level – so don’t worry if you’re a crochet beginner or a Mrs Weasley-esque expert – there’s a wide range of stitches and techniques to choose from.

Harry Potter: Crochet Wizardry is out now.