In the run up to Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together this handy gift guide if your partner just so happens to love Harry Potter as much as they love you!

Alex and Ani jewellery


Jewellery brand Alex and Ani features subtle nods to the wizarding world with this range of bangle charms, pins, bracelets and necklaces. From Time-Turners to Weasley jumpers, each piece of jewellery is perfectly catered for a Harry Potter fan’s specific favourite thing about the stories.

If your loved one adores a particular spell or quote, for example, the bangle charms cater for some of the most beloved ones.

Take a look at the collection here.

Hallmark’s greeting cards and calendars


Remember when Harry received a singing Valentine’s gift – with romantic lines such as ‘his eyes are as green as a fresh-pickled toad?’ Well, thankfully Hallmark are offering something a bit more traditional this year, with a very romantic Harry Potter-themed greeting card inspired by the Marauder’s Map. Or, if you fancy something that lasts beyond Valentine’s Day, there is also this nifty perpetual calendar which resembles a Time-Turner. With clever moveable magnets, this unique calendar would be perfect for making plans with your special someone for the whole year.

In fact, Hallmark have a huge Harry Potter collection, ranging from squishy plushes to colour-changing Hogwarts house candles. Maybe you could get them a few things, cross your fingers and hope for the best?

Take a look at the collection here.

Please note: this collection is specifically available to those based in the US.

Harry Potter Insight Editions


Are you more of a Ron and your partner more of a Hermione? In that case, they might enjoy a good book for Valentine’s Day this year. And we’re not talking about Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches! There are actually a number of fascinating reads from Insight Editions, from Pop-Up Guides to cinematic galleries of the Harry Potter films. So, if your betrothed already has five different version of the main Harry Potter books, these extra tomes might be perfect additions for your bookshelf.

But it’s not just books involved in the collection – if you want to stick to a theme and get a cute stationary side-gift, you could try a Harry Potter-themed sticky note tin, or a journal themed around constellations if you’re going out with a Professor Trelawney enthusiast!

Browse the Insight Editions website to take a look.

Harry Potter Hand Lettering guide


Is your partner a bit crafty? This newly released instruction book, as put together by Jay Roeder, will no doubt inspire them, as it focuses their love of the Wizarding World through the medium of art. The book will teach you creative versions of hand lettering, how to draw your own magical creatures and guides to sketching the Hogwarts house crests.

Learn more about this book from Thunder Bay Press's official website.