Published on Jul 23rd 2016
The latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them just landed at San Diego Comic-Con. It gave us lots to look forward to, including the debuts of many new magical creatures…

Permission to get excited, everybody. Yes, the new Fantastic Beasts trailer is here. And, as is tradition at Pottermore, we’ve inspected it incredibly closely to see what new clues we can dig up.

Several never-seen-before beasts make their debut performance in the trailer, but we’re also slowly unpacking more of Newt Scamander’s story too.

1. ‘Like a ghost’

At the beginning of the trailer, Percival Graves seems a little shocked by a messy aftermath. A mysterious creature stopped by, described by one bystander as being ‘like a ghost’ with ‘shining white eyes.’

We’re also a little suspicious about that chunk taken out of that building? Did one of Newt’s creatures get a little peckish?

2. A house-elf works at MACUSA

We still miss Dobby intensely, so were thrilled to see another house-elf crop up in MACUSA and cleaning wands. Does Kreacher have a long-lost brother? Because the resemblance is uncanny. Just look at that grimace.

3. Seraphina’s outfit

We’ve seen from other trailers that Seraphina is a truly formidable witch, but this outfit gives us a strong look into 1920s wizarding fashion, which, apparently, was very flamboyant.

Of course, hair accessories were a huge trend in this era, but Seraphina has gone one up with the most incredible, towering head-dress ever. Well, if you’re running MACUSA, you just have to look glam.

4. Picture this

There were many rather animated paintings at Hogwarts, and it looks like we get to encounter a new mysterious piece of moving art in Fantastic Beasts, too. A dressed-up Tina approaches a poster of a mysterious flame-haired woman, which clearly seems to be some sort of door. So where is this door leading to?

5. Case in point

Newt’s pesky suitcase is back, but this time, we see a new creature shoot right out of it, right onto poor Jacob. Sorry, Jacob. We barely get to see a flash of it, but whatever it is, it clearly has big plans.

6. Yass, Queenie!

We are loving Tina’s sister, Queenie. She seems to embody that unmistakeable Roaring Twenties, flapper-style pizzazz. Jacob certainly seems like a fan, and we adore that she calls Tina ‘Teeny’ as a nickname.

7. Under the ice

In one shot, it looks like there’s something (or someone?) glowing underneath an ice rink. Any ideas? Someone casting Lumos? A rogue Goblet of Fire? A dragon? Just a thought.

8. What’s bugging you?

A crowd of New Yorkers, including Tina, look up to spot a blue, glistening insect with colourful wings. From its appearance, we wonder if this is a Billywig. Billywigs are particularly useful creatures, because their stings can be used in several potions. Could this be a first look at one of them?

9. Just a slither

Another beautiful, pearlescent beast makes their presence felt. Hmm, bird-like face, but a seemingly serpentine body. We know of a very similar creature by this description called an Occamy. We wonder if we’re right…

10. Hobnobbing with goblins

In a smoky speakeasy, there’s an amazing female-goblin-fronted band. Then another goblin pops up, chomping on a cigar and looking rather 1920s-gangster. Who might he turn out to be?

11. ‘When No-Majs are afraid, they attack’

From these wise words from Seraphina, we can safely assume that the North American wizarding world’s relationship with the No-Maj community is strained to say the least. Why can’t we all just get along?

12. Introducing Henry Shaw Sr.

This is the first look at Henry Shaw Sr., played by Jon Voight. It’s his son’s rally we’ve seen being interrupted, most likely by beastly means.

13. Fly, my pretties

In one fell swoop, (pardon the pun) we see two flying beasts in a matter of seconds. As you may already know, one is the Swooping Evil but we get another look at its aerial prowess.

The other is a majestic, white flying creature with a flaming tail, which we are totally in love with. Any ideas what it could be?

14. Go ape

Another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it beast right at the end of the trailer can be seen running down a corridor carrying something. It’s white and fluffy with arms and legs, and looks a little like an ape.

We’re going to place our bets right now that this is no ordinary primate. In fact, it sounds a lot like a Demiguise, an ape-like beast with silvery fur.

15. Who turned out the lights?

In a very brief moment, Tina turns around and sees all of the city blacking out before her very eyes. Is this the work of another beast? Or a power-cut? Or has someone nabbed Albus Dumbledore’s Deluminator? Okay, we’re stretching with that last one.

16. What’s that in the sky?

In the trailer’s final, glimmering moments, a huge force seems to plunge down on the city. It doesn’t seem very nice, considering everyone’s making terrified faces at it. So probably not a Pygmy Puff.

17. Old Times Square!

The aesthetic joys of the 1920s come thick and fast, and we particularly enjoy this shot of an old-time Times Square, with all its glamorous lit up signs dotted around the city. We’re a long way from Hogwarts.

18. A dark shadow

But should we be concerned about that weird, dark shadow that's looming?

19. ‘I wish I was a wizard.’

Tell us about it, Jacob.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is out in cinemas on 18 November.