It feels almost impossible to choose which Fantastic Beasts character you would want as your best friend – we’d want to have them all! Luckily, we have done the hard work for you. Here’s who we think you’d choose based on your personality.

If you prefer animals to people… you’d be best friends with Newt

If you have infinite patience with animals but less with people, would choose to hang out with your pet rather than your friends, finds the presence of animals soothing and are thoroughly fascinated by them – then you’d be BFFs with Newt Scamander.

Newt was an introvert who could be awkward around his fellow humans. Though, that’s not to say he didn’t like people, you only need to look at his adorable friendship with Jacob to see that, he was just more at ease when he was with his magical creatures. From the moment he stepped into his case and was among his Nifflers, Mooncalves and all his other wonderful beasties – he was in his element. We reckon that if Newt were to be your best friend, the pair of you would enjoy comparing Muggle and magical creatures, would be totally comfortable hanging out in silence doing your own thing and of course, you would always be surrounded by lots of fantastic animals.

If you’re career driven… you’d be best friends with Tina

Are you someone that never gets that Sunday afternoon dread? Do you enjoy what you do and want to be the best at it? Do most of your goals revolve around how you’re doing at work? Do you find it difficult to understand why people would stay in a job they only tolerate? Then you and Tina Goldstein would be best friends.

Tina was absolutely dedicated to being an Auror and seemed to get real satisfaction from her role. When she made the difficult decision to stand up to Credence’s mother and lost it – we know she would have been devastated and would have done anything to be reinstated. In fact, she was so single-minded about it, that she kept handing Newt over to MACUSA to try and get back in with President Seraphina Picquery, Percival Graves and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. If you were best friends with Tina, not only do we think that you would empathise with her determination to get her job back, but we can actually see the pair of you plotting exactly how to do that – and you’d maybe try and wangle a promotion too...

If you take things in your stride… you’d be best friends with Jacob

Jacob Kowalski was living a simple life as a canning factory employee and aspiring baker – he certainly had no knowledge that magic existed. Yet, after one chance encounter with Newt (and his Niffler), he found himself thrown into a completely new world. A world with witches and wizards, where people could read minds, where creatures you could only dream of existed and a world where a Dark wizard threatened their very existence. All of that would be a lot for anyone. But did Jacob let it phase him? No. Jacob took it all in his stride, accepted his new reality and did it all with good humour and good grace.

If you’re someone who isn’t easily phased, has been known to be able to adapt to change and can work with whatever scenario that they have been given, we reckon you would get along famously with Jacob. And if you need more convincing, just imagine all the free baked goods you would get as his bestie…

If you’re a romantic dreamer… you’d be best friends with Queenie

Queenie Goldstein was a dreamer – and that was never more obvious than when it came to her relationship with Jacob. Despite the fact their being together was illegal, she didn’t allow it to get in the way – no matter the cost. Realising her dream was so important, that she even found herself joining Grindelwald’s cause, after falling for his promise that she would be free to love whoever she wanted. So, if you’re someone who can understand Queenie’s motivations, we think you would be best friends.

If you find yourself gravitating towards Queenie, we reckon that you’re the type of person who believes in fairy-tale endings. You often find yourself caught up in daydreams. All your favourite films and books are those of the romantic variety. You can sometimes be a little naïve – but you would much rather be a trusting romantic than closed off and closedminded. We figure Queenie would feel the same, and you two would make quite the pair.