Puzzles aren't just for Ravenclaws, you know. Fancy trying one of our Wizarding World wordsearches?

Our Wizarding World app users may have already played our wordsearches and crosswords, but now, we're popping a few on our website so everybody can have a go.

The theme for this particular one is the Triwizard Tournament. See how quickly you can find the words - a slightly easier challenge than taking on a Hungarian Horntail. Simply click and drag to find all the words. And watch out for a few little magical quirks along the way.

If you're enjoying our puzzles, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wizarding World Gold subscribers can play weekly challenges in our app feed, with a few treats thrown in for free-users too. You can learn more about Wizarding World Gold here.

Stick around on WizardingWorld.com for another puzzle coming soon.