At the end of Crimes of Grindelwald Jacob and Queenie were headed down different paths. Looking back at their journey so far, we think about why we can't help but hope that this baker and Legilimens manage to work things out.

From the moment that Jacob and Queenie met in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, they certainly had chemistry. Jacob was won over by Queenie’s charm, ability to read minds and beauty. Not only that, as a baker, he also appreciated her magical apple strudel. In return, Queenie was fascinated by this No-Maj who seemed to take being flung into the magical world in his stride, having never really interacted with one before.

Before long, their relationship developed from mutual curiosity into something real and they forged a romantic connection. Even Jacob’s memories being wiped at the end of the first film couldn’t keep them apart, and they soon managed to find their way back to one another.

This was a pair that truly seemed to belong together. They complimented each other and brought out each of their best sides. The majority of their interactions were adorable, from the time Jacob was trying to act cool and flirt with Queenie in a speakeasy (despite the effects of Gigglewater), to Queenie coming into Jacob’s bakery after his memory was erased just to see him. What was clear is that if it were up to them, they would have happily spent their lives together.

However, we soon came to learn that circumstances always seemed to be conspiring against these two. Specifically, what could be considered the rather outdated laws of the American wizarding community. Unfortunately for Jacob and Queenie, the US had a no fraternisation rule between the magical community and the No-Maj one. No No-Maj was allowed to know about the magical world and a witch or wizard certainly wasn’t allowed to marry one or start a family with them. This was one of the first things that put a terrible strain on the couple and was arguably what sent Queenie down a dark path.

By the time it came to Crimes of Grindelwald, Queenie’s desperation had intensified, and she was willing to do things that we would never condone to ensure that she and Jacob ended up together. It was completely wrong of Queenie to take Jacob to London to be married while he was under the influence of an enchantment. All that resulted in was the cracks between these two widening and her sense of hopelessness increasing. It was that vulnerability and frustration at their situation which made her the perfect target for Grindelwald. By the time she walked through the flames, she was completely brainwashed by him and was convinced that this was her only option to be with the one she loved.

Yet we can’t help but root for this couple. We know that Queenie joining Grindelwald’s cause was wrong. We know that realistically it would be difficult for the pair of them to reconcile after such an event. But if anyone can get through to Queenie and convince her to change her mind, it’s Jacob. It was her desire to be with him when faced with the harsh rules of MACUSA that made her susceptible to Grindelwald’s spiel. And while she has to take responsibility for her poor choices, if she does, then we hope that she and can get a second chance. After all, Queenie is not the first person to be hoodwinked by Grindelwald – even Dumbledore believed in him once.

We also reckon that there is still hope for them as a couple. Obviously, we don’t know what will happen as the story goes on, but we don’t think that Jacob is quite ready to give up on her just yet. In the first trailer for The Secrets of Dumbledore, he seems to be fully invested in the fight against Grindelwald and we wonder whether a lot of that was motivated by his desire to try and help Queenie. We hope that if he does manage to be reunited with her, that she is reachable and willing to listen to reason.

If the pair of them were to get back together, you never know, it could help to change the way that MACUSA viewed No-Maj and wizarding relations. Especially as, if successful, they would owe Jacob a debt for helping to bring down one of the most infamous Dark wizards of all time. If they were allowed to be together, their relationship could pave the way for a new era of the American wizarding community.

However, all this aside, we just believe that these two are happiest and strongest when together. They make sense as a couple and we truly hope that this is just a blip in what should be a long and happy future together.