Molly and Arthur Weasley raised seven exceptional children (yes even Percy). But what makes them such good parents? We explore the reasons why - including their willingness to love those who need it and Molly's most excellent approach to discipline.

Their hearts are open to those who need love

Molly and Arthur may have had plenty of their own kids to love, but it didn’t stop them from extending that to others who needed some. Harry is the most obvious person to benefit from this. From the moment he met the Weasleys on platform nine and three-quarters, and Molly realised he needed caring for, he was one of them. Whether it was Mrs Weasley knitting Harry an iconic Weasley jumper, Mr Weasley accompanying him to his hearing at the Ministry, Molly always making sure he had enough to eat, Arthur eagerly chatting to him about all things Muggle, Molly holding Harry in the wake of Cedric’s death or just the way they made sure that Harry knew their home was always open – they fully embraced him. Not only was it what Harry desperately needed, but it was a brilliant example to set to the rest of their children too. Mr and Mrs Weasley showed that love is not a finite resource and there is plenty to go around.

They know when to let go

Sometimes you can do everything right as a parent and your child still pulls away from you – and all you can do is let it happen. Molly and Arthur certainly found this to be the case when it came to Percy. Even though they had tried to raise him with the right values and attitude, he still chose to side with the Ministry of Magic when it came to Voldemort’s return. We can only imagine what a gut punch that would have been for his parents. And while they did try to get him to see the truth – he wasn’t having any of it. However, Percy eventually saw the error of his ways and apologised to his family. Now this could have been a moment where his parents decided to be petty and to give him a taste of his own medicine – but they didn’t. The awesome and forgiving Weasleys accepted his apology and welcomed him back immediately, no questions asked.

They would do anything to protect their children

Mr and Mrs Weasley would do anything to protect their children – and that includes Harry. You just need to look at the way that Molly killed Bellatrix, in a spectacular duel, to make sure that Voldemort’s right-hand woman could never harm her children again. Arthur is also no slouch when it comes to sticking up for his family. After all, the incredibly mild-mannered Weasley did get into a literal brawl with Lucius Malfoy when he dared to insult his clan. And when George was injured in the Battle of the Seven Potters, Arthur refused to let Kingsley check it was really him before he had seen his son. Harry even claimed he had never heard Mr Weasley shout like that before. Both Weasley parents were fierce protectors of their brood and would do anything to ensure that they were safe – which only added to their reputation as excellent parents.

Molly knows how to keep her kids in line

This is one area where Molly truly excels – and Arthur could probably do a little bit more. Mrs Weasley knew how to run a tight ship… she had to with that many kids all under one roof. Her scolding was legendary, and it worked. When Molly unleashed one of her spectacular tirades, it wasn’t because she wanted to take out her frustration on her children, but because she wanted to push them to be the very best versions of themselves. Sometimes, when her children stepped out of line and did something spectacularly stupid (looking at you Ron and the time you crashed your dad’s car into a the Whomping Willow), her sharp words were necessary for their own safety. We can imagine when Ron received a Howler in his second year, it knocked some sense into him and made him more afraid to do something so reckless again (until he got involved in another of Harry’s adventures that is).

Their own solid relationship

One thing that makes Molly and Arthur such great parents is that they are a team. This flame-haired pair have been together such a long time and while Molly may seem like the driving force in the Weasley household, she is supported by Arthur who is happy to let her lead. Molly says they knew they were meant to be together – even as a couple of Hogwarts students sneaking around the grounds. We also think they are the perfect fit, the love that these two have for each other is clear. For instance, when Arthur and the rest of the family returned after the Quidditch World Cup fiasco, Molly was beside herself with worry and flung herself towards her husband – who knew exactly how to comfort her. And even though Arthur may be known to tinker with things in his garden shed that aren’t strictly legal (flying cars and motorbikes for instance) … he would never do anything that he thought would hurt Molly. These two are a shining example of a fantastic relationship, and as a parenting team, they are unstoppable.

The examples they set as individuals

Molly and Arthur do make a great team, but as individuals they are awesome role models too. Arthur may have had a hard time from numerous people about his apparent ‘lack’ of ambition, but we think his work ethic, dedication and his goal of Muggle equality is something to be admired. Despite being a pure-blood, Arthur never believed himself to be better than Muggle-borns and Muggles, and that inclusive approach was something all his children emulated too.

Molly was also someone her children (and others) could look up to. She was an incredibly talented witch, especially when it came to household and healing spells – and that should not be underestimated. Even though she had seven children to raise, she still found time to be an active part in the fight against Voldemort. She always made sure her family felt loved, would stand up to protect them (whatever the cost) and was someone who you should only mess with at your own peril. As parents go – Molly was ace.

Knowing what is truly important

The Weasley family were never wealthy and while their lack of Galleons sometimes made their children feel slightly awkward (especially when awful people like the Malfoys made snide comments), it wasn’t what was most important to them. Their family was the top priority and the well-being of all seven of their children. And even though we know the kids weren’t always perfect, none of them were spoilt brats. Ok, so Ron maybe resented the hand-me-downs and probably would have liked a niftier broom – but he still knew that there were more important things in life. Ultimately, Molly and Arthur managed to raise their kids with the right priorities and as a result, all of them appreciated what family meant and enjoyed being together as one at The Burrow.