She may have been giggly, prone to jealousy and an outrageous gossip – but we love her.
Lavender sits with Ron in Hogwarts.

It’s a testament to J.K. Rowling’s writing that even a minor character ended up winning us over. Somehow, Lavender found her way into our hearts in a way she never managed with Ron… and here’s why.

She lived life like she was on love potion

Sure, Lavender’s relationship with Ron may have been born out of infatuation, but nobody could deny that she was dedicated. From her enthusiasm for very public affection, to her ill-advised sweetheart necklace gift to Ron, Lavender was committed.

Being dedicated to your boyfriend – as well as your friends – is hardly the worst quality a person could have.

She had a knack for nicknames


Enough said.

Get on her bad side, and you’d rather she sent you a Howler

Lavender copped a lot of criticism for her reaction to Ron and Hermione’s friendship – and their suspected relationship. Who could forget Jessie Cave as Lavender in Half-Blood Prince (2009), glaring daggers at Ron from across the Great Hall as she gripped her spoon menacingly in one hand?

She was almost as funny as Fred and George Weasley

If Lavender Brown was amusing in the books, she’s downright hilarious in the films. The misted love heart on the windows of the Hogwarts Express; the exaggerated emotion as she throws herself down next to Ron as he lies in hospital; every expression on Jessie Cave’s face.

She stayed to fight

When the battle for the wizarding world came to Hogwarts, Lavender stayed to fight. She was a Gryffindor, after all – and underneath the giggling and gossiping, she was brave.

She was brave because she stayed to fight. She was brave because she stood up for herself. She was brave because she wasn’t afraid to show the world how she felt. Lav-Lav, we’ll always love you.

Lavender Brown writing in a book from the Half Blood Prince
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