Cherishing a secret wish to reside at Hogwarts and learn the art of witchcraft and wizardry is all part and parcel of being a Harry Potter fan.
The exterior of Hagrid's Hut.

While it cannot be denied that the sprawling Scottish castle was a sight to behold, brimming with ancient enchantments and unexpected quirks, there was a home away from home that has been rather overlooked: good old Hagrid’s hut.

Lucius Malfoy might sneer at the very suggestion, but there’s something magical about this simple wooden cabin on the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

Location, location, location

As anyone with a bit of property know-how will tell you, it’s not only about the house itself, you need to consider the location too. In this respect Hagrid’s hut had it covered. Not only did it benefit from the same stunning surroundings as the castle, it came complete with access to glorious grounds with a lake and (slightly terrifying) forest as well. Tucked out of the way from the hustle and bustle of Hogwarts student life, you’d also benefit from plenty of peace and quiet.

It was nice and cosy

Being a half-giant, Hagrid tended to make everything appear on the small side, including his beloved home. For anyone else, it would be perfectly roomy while still being small enough to stay toasty warm and delightfully cosy. Imagine curling up in front of the fire on a cold winter’s night, toasting fat sausages over the flames or boiling up a cup of tea in Hagrid’s enormous copper kettle. Pure bliss!

The egg Hagrid was given by a stranger sits in the fire in his hut, waiting to hatch

It was full of curiosities

Whenever our favourite trio used to visit Hagrid’s hut, there was always something to see – unicorn hair, all manner of finds from the forest and even a dragon egg on occasion. One of the great joys of this place was the wondrous nature of the objects inside – you’d be sure to come across something you’d never seen before, although it might just be one of Hagrid’s rock cakes.

You’d have all the home comforts you’d need

A roaring fire, a warm bed and plentiful food is enough to keep most of us happy and the gamekeeper’s hut had them all. Hagrid might not have been up to Molly Weasley’s standards when it came to cooking, but he took great care of his vegetable patch so you wouldn’t have to go far for fresh ingredients. After an evening meal, you could snuggle down under the patchwork quilt and listen to the rain pitter-pattering against the windows. What more could you want?

It had the best of both worlds

You might not be living inside the castle, but you’d be close enough to enjoy all the benefits of Hogwarts life: a Christmas feast, the magical sky in the Great Hall or just a bit of company; it’s all within a short walk. The lake would be close by for swimming or lolling about in the sun, and the forest would be on your doorstep should you be feeling brave – watch out for the spiders though. And you wouldn’t have to put up with helpful advice or comical confrontations from the Hogwarts portraits either (we’re talking about you, Sir Cadogan).

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