Like mother, like daughter.
Ginny pointing her wand in the Room of Requiremnt

Malfoy opinions notwithstanding, the pure-blood pure-cool members of the Weasley family are some of the bravest and boldest of the known wizarding world. They’re the Bludger-beaters, the dragon-tamers, the pranksters, the squabblers – and they stand together, united in gingery glory.

It takes a lot to stand out as a Weasley, what with there being so many of them, all with matching hair. But Ginny does it easily, due to her formidable disposition and the rare distinction of being a female, and she learned it all from Molly.

Like mother, like daughter – here’s all the proof that little Ginny, hex-caster and Quidditch-player extraordinaire, is the Molliest of all the Weasleys.

They are both incredibly significant others

Ginny is as good a match to Harry as Molly is to Arthur, but make no mistake: these women are not the damsels in distress in their respective love stories.

Molly keeps her husband out of trouble, not to mention employed, by ensuring that his addiction to Muggle artefacts doesn’t become known to the Ministry; Ginny is always battling to fight alongside Harry even as the entire wizarding world, including her own brother, turns against him.

Ginny and Harry kiss

But they like a good crush

Hormones run hot in the Weasley women. Ginny’s ongoing infatuation with Harry doesn’t stop her from engaging in multiple romantic dalliances with her classmates, while Molly’s unfailing loyalty to her ‘eckeltricity’-loving husband doesn’t stop her from cooking up a Celestina-style cauldron full of hot, strong love for Gilderoy Lockhart.

Harry, Ron and Hermione squeezed inside. A long queue wound right to the back of the shop, where Gilderoy Lockhart was signing his books. They each grabbed a copy of Break with a Banshee, and sneaked up the line to where the rest of the Weasleys were standing with Mr and Mrs Granger.
‘Oh, there you are, good,’ said Mrs Weasley. She sounded breathless and kept patting her hair. ‘We’ll be able to see him in a minute ...’
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

They have their own magical specialities

There’s no dearth of magical talent among the Weasley brood, but Molly and Ginny each have impressive and specific magical skills. Molly’s, of course, tie in with her own personal preferences – so she’s not only marvellous at the magical assembly of feasts fit to feed five hundred, she’s also a dab hand at the killing curse if there’s a witch-gone-wrong in need of offing.

An illustration of Molly Weasley from the Philosopher's Stone

And Ginny? Aside from her classic Bat-Bogey Hex, which quickly becomes the stuff of legend, she also enjoys a nice, well-placed jinx, ideally one that will leave the subject disfigured. No surprise, really, given that she was saddled with six older brothers.

‘How did you get away?’ asked Harry in amazement, taking his wand from Ron.
‘Couple of Stunners, a Disarming Charm, Neville brought off a really nice little Impediment Jinx,’ said Ron airily, now handing back Hermione’s wand, too. ‘But Ginny was best, she got Malfoy – Bat Bogey Hex – it was superb, his whole face was covered in the great flapping things...’
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

They both put family first

It can’t be easy being a Weasley, what with the fighting and the flying cars – but both Molly and Ginny would defend each other, and the full clan of Weasley men, to the death. Which is lucky, since they have to do exactly that on a number of occasions.

Mrs Weasley threw off her cloak as she ran, freeing her arms. Bellatrix spun on the spot, roaring with laughter at the sight of her new challenger.
‘OUT OF MY WAY!’ shouted Mrs Weasley to the three girls, and with a swipe of her wand she began to duel. Harry watched with terror and elation as Molly Weasley’s wand slashed and twirled, and Bellatrix Lestrange’s smile faltered, and became a snarl. Jets of light flew from both wands, the floor around the witches’ feet became hot and cracked; both women were fighting to kill.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Molly Weasley pointing her wand in the final battle

They’re both named ‘Molly’

Don’t be misled: Ginny, known to people who are angry with her as ‘Ginevra’, very much has her own name. But – little known fact – her middle name is none other than her mother’s first. Perhaps, post-birth, Molly was so very pleased to see that her seventh wasn’t yet another mini-Arthur, that she made sure of it by naming her after herself.

They call it how they see it

When your world and family come under threat, it’s easy to do a Cornelius Fudge and ignore the enormous, world-destroying elephant in the room – but neither of the Weasley women are inclined towards obfuscation. As illustrated by Molly’s magical clock, which tells her exactly where all of her offspring and loved ones are at any time, they both favour knowing the truth over making life easier with white lies, even when the truth isn’t something they particularly want to hear.

‘But you’ve been too busy saving the wizarding world,’ said Ginny, half-laughing. ‘Well ... I can’t say I’m surprised. I knew this would happen in the end. I knew you wouldn’t be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort. Maybe that’s why I like you so much.’
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

They’re tiny but mighty

You’d have thought the possession of magical powers might have stopped society from underestimating short-statured women, but no. Molly is often dubbed the homely housewife and Ginny is always deemed too young to join in the action, but when push comes to shove, they’ve got more clout than all the boys put together.

‘Size is no guarantee of power,’ said George. ‘Look at Ginny.’
‘What d’you mean?’ said Harry.
‘You’ve never been on the receiving end of one of her Bat-Bogey Hexes, have you?’
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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