When you think about your perfect partner, what springs to mind? Is kindness at the top of your wish list? Or is great conversation more important to you? We’ve come up with who would be your soulmate based on your personality.

If you look for kindness in a partner… Newt would be perfect for you

If you watch Newt Scamander take care of his magical creatures, you’ll see that he treats them with kindness and respect. And while fantastic beasts might be his main focus, he also extends that warmth and empathy to humans too. To see that, you just have to look at the way he tried to calm Credence down and connect with the Obscurial, rather than attack or immediately use force. As someone who values these gentler qualities in a person, then we think that you and Newt would make a rather good couple. We imagine you’re a person who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and doesn’t feel the need to act tough. And Newt’s moral compass and empathetic nature would be what made him the wizard for you.

If you’re looking for excellent conversation… Hermione would be your soulmate

Are you somebody that loves a good debate and thinks that there is nothing better than an excellent conversation? Then Hermione Granger would be your perfect match. This extremely bright witch was known for her brilliant brain and knowledge about a wide range of topics – whether that was Arithmancy, how to brew a Polyjuice Potion, the lack of rights for house-elves or any other magical curiosity that you could think of. If you have a love of learning and are always thrilled to discover something new, we think you two would be happy together. We can just imagine the pair of you sitting next to the fire totally engrossed in your conversation, while not realising that you’ve lost track of time and stayed up all night happily talking and debating.

If you want to be taken to all the fanciest places… then Malfoy is your match

Wouldn’t it be fun to be treated like royalty? To be taken to the most lavish restaurants, to get tickets to the most exclusive events in town, to wear all the latest designer clothes, be bedecked in expensive jewellery and go on all the most lavish holidays? Now we don’t condone the terrible views that Draco Malfoy held, and we are sure you don’t share any of those beliefs, but if this sounds like your dream come true, then Draco Malfoy is your Prince Charming. As Malfoy is a fan of the finer things in life, from owning the best broomstick to the finest robes money can buy, we’re sure that he would extend that to the one he was with. We could see the pair of you spending your days living a life of luxury and enjoying every single moment.

If you want to be with someone who shares your love of sport… Ginny is your perfect partner

Ginny Weasley was definitely a fan of sport. Not only was she on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but she also went on to play professionally. And if that wasn’t enough, after her stint with the Holyhead Harpies, she became the editor of the sports pages at the Daily Prophet. Sport was a major part of her life and if it is a big part of yours, then you two would be an excellent pairing. Whether you play football, rugby, table tennis or marbles – she would thoroughly understand you and would be proud to support you. Not only would the pair of you turn up to every single one of each other’s matches, then happily spend the next few hours dissecting everything in minute detail, but it’s also what you would find attractive about one another – that passion and drive. Your shared love of sport would bond you together and make you an almost unbearably smug and happy couple.

If the way to your heart is through your stomach… then Jacob is your soulmate

What could be better than eating a delicious cake or pastry? Having someone on hand to make you one whenever you felt like it, of course. Jacob Kowalski was a seriously talented baker and his creations looked nothing short of delicious. Who can forget the tasty morsels he brought to his meeting at the bank? Or the magical creature inspired bakes he created in his bakery at the end of Fantastic Beasts? So, if you would describe yourself as a foodie who finds it highly impressive (not to mention attractive) when someone demonstrates their skills in the kitchen, then Jacob would be the perfect wizarding world partner for you. We imagine you would try one of his delicious paczki (made using his grandmother’s recipe) and that would be that – you’d be instantly won over.

If you love that rock star vibe… then you would fall for Tonks

Nymphadora Tonks is incredibly cool... if her colourful hair, punky outfits and fun attitude are anything to go by. If you’re the type to fancy the lead singer in a band, the rebel with the cheeky grin or the person who always wears those dishevelled but painstakingly cool outfits, then Tonks would be your wizarding world soulmate. We reckon that the pair of you would have the time of your life sneaking out to gigs, dyeing your hair all the different colours of the rainbow and getting up to all kinds of mischief. Though, we reckon you would often be caught creeping back into the house – she is known for being rather clumsy after all.