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Illustration of the Lovegood house

Hello, hello, and welcome to Pottermore’s charming tour of charming wizarding homes! Whatever your needs and whatever your Sickle situation, the wizarding world is full of magical abodes perfect for you. Just take these simply charming properties... They are all just so charming!

The Burrow

The outside of the Burrow from the Goblet of Fire

Located in the charming area of Ottery St Catchpole – both a Muggle and magical community, but don’t worry, spells are in place! – is this an, erm, quirky property known as The Burrow. Charmingly held together by magic (how retro!), it has the appearance of several rooms piled up on top of one another.

Charming! Outside is a fully-functioning yard, with a spacious garage for all your needs. Not to mention a garden big enough to practice Quidditch in! It even comes with many charming garden gnomes, who are just charming. Inside, The Burrow is as cosy as its name suggests, featuring a family-friendly kitchen, a comfy living room and as many bedrooms as you’re willing to conjure. Charming!

The Lovegood House

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A short journey down the road from The Burrow and you’ll soon encounter every wizarding chess fan’s dream – a house that looks just like a giant rook!

Known as the Lovegood House, this charming property is surrounded by all kinds of strange and exotic plants, including the charmingly charming Snargaluff, which is only slightly dangerous! Step inside, however, and you will be treated to a truly striking layout: a front door that opens into a perfectly circular kitchen, adorned with brightly painted stoves, sinks and cupboards – all curved to fit the walls – and a staircase that leads to the upper levels, which include a living room and bedrooms. It’s the perfect property for any magical, erm, eccentrics.

Newt’s home

WB COG Newt Scamander and Bunty

If you’re an animal lover, it can be tough finding a place suitable for a pet. Thankfully, Newt Scamander’s home has been, er, personalised to accommodate a number of hairy, scaly or feathery friends.

This Victorian-style house boasts a lot of space and high ceilings, including an actual giant ocean, in case you’re planning on having any Kelpies visiting.

12 Grimmauld Place

Grimmauld Place

This... charming house is located in an affable area of London. Hidden from Muggles by the Fidelius Charm, it is a house of history: having once belonged to one of the wizarding world’s most prestigious families, the Blacks, and having most recently functioned as the headquarters of the famous resistance group, the Order of the Phoenix. Just think of the dinner party conversations!

As for the house itself, it does admittedly need a bit of work; its wallpaper is peeling, it’s typically dusty and the carpets are... an opportunity to make your own. But fans of Victorian gothic are in for a real treat. Not to mention that this is a spacious property with three floors including a marvellous dining room, kitchen and a pantry. It also happens feature a... charming portrait of historical figure Walburga Black, who is always open to fascinating conversation. Trust us, you'll never want to get rid of her! (Please don't try to get rid of her.)

Malfoy Manor

B7 MalfoyManor Colour 04JW merged

Now this is more like it. This huge and handsome manor house is the ultimate statement of wizarding wealth. Located in Wiltshire, the house is surrounded by immense grounds featuring elaborate gardens, a fountain and the finest albino peacocks.

Enter the grounds through a pair of wrought-iron gates (the finest in wizarding security!), make your way up an impressive driveway and you will eventually be met by the house itself. There are many, many rooms, of course, but the most impressive is the drawing room: the ceiling is high, and features two chandeliers. The room itself comes with a pipe organ, a marble mantelpiece and a truly stunning centrepiece: a long ornate table that’s ideal for entertaining guests.

And let’s not forget that the manor comes with its own cellar – spacious and perfect for holding your enemies prisoner against their will!

Where would you fancy living in the wizarding world?

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