So you’re looking for a new pet. Have you considered a terrible, scaly, dangerous, fire-breathing dragon?
Horntail's head

Which of the ten dragon species from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them textbook would make the perfect pet – if you could actually have one? Some may argue none at all. But some may counter with the fact that they’re simply misunderstood, and would make wonderful scaly companions as long as you fire-proof your home.

So if you were a wizard, which egg would you be picking up from a mysterious stranger down the Hog’s Head pub?

Norwegian Ridgeback

PMARCHIVE-Norwegian Ridgeback by Dan Mumford 9VWHWomBNesqeMws6YE2K-b1

If you’re in the market for one of the more popular dragons of the species, perhaps a Norwegian Ridgeback would make a welcome addition to the family. Rubeus Hagrid, noted gamekeeper at Hogwarts, made a wonderful ‘mummy’ to young Norbert, for example, but sadly did not have the space to keep him.

Why should you choose it?

Because if you love Hagrid, you’ll love a Ridgeback. But it’s probably recommended that you have a big spacious house if you are planning on keeping one, preferably one not made of wood. In fact, this advice is probably true of looking after any dragon. Also bear in mind that Ridgebacks tend to develop fire-breathing abilities between one and three months old, a lot earlier than other breeds, so will likely set any cuddly toys, cots and other items on fire. Aside from this, a Ridgeback is a lovely pet choice. Probably.

Antipodean Opaleye

PMARCHIVE-Antipodean Opaleye by Dan Mumford 9VWHWomBNesqeMws6YE2K-b3

This New Zealand dragon is ideal for those who favour a more glamorous lifestyle, as they are known to be one of the more beautiful of their species. Of course, all dragons are beautiful in their own way. However, the Antipodean Opaleye is particularly striking with its pearly scales and multi-coloured eyes, and it even has a fabulous flame – coloured in a vivid scarlet. Très chic. The Opaleye will not just be a loyal pet, but a beautiful addition to the household.

Why should you choose it?

If you like to not be murdered by your own pet, the Antipodean Opaleye is ideal. In fact, it rarely kills unless it’s hungry. Well, we all get a bit grumpy before lunch, right? Another plus point about this dragon: its favourite food is sheep rather than, say, you. In fact, as dragons go, this one is probably the one you should all go for, to be honest.

Chinese Fireball

PMARCHIVE-PM illustrations Chinese Fireball Dragons of the wizarding world 5pvIgG7WDKmsKEEmkUSCuM-b5

This dragon is a particularly aesthetically pleasing one – especially if you’re a Gryffindor and fancy a red-and-gold pal to go with your ensemble.

Why should you choose it?

According to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this dragon is not averse to a bit of extra company. So, if you’re looking to expand your family, maybe get two – maybe even three!

Just one small disclaimer: Chinese Fireballs do like eating humans, so be sure to bear that in mind.

Swedish Short-Snout

Illustration of a Swedish Short-Snout from the 'Dragons of the wizarding world' collection

The gorgeous Swedish Short-Snout is not only beautiful but practical, with the ability to reduce timber and bone to ash in mere seconds. Great if you have any spare timber or, er, bones lying around. Anyway, as far as dragons go, it rarely tends to kill humans, although that might be because it usually lives in uninhabited mountain areas. Still: credit where credit’s due.

Why should you choose it?

The Short-Snout is an excellent dragon to accessorise with, thanks to its silvery-blue scales and gorgeous blue flame. You could co-ordinate looks!

Common Welsh Green

PMARCHIVE-PM Dragons of the wizarding world Common Welsh Green subject page image 9VWHWomBNesqeMws6YE2K-b9

Certainly a dragon for the more laid-back owner, the Common Welsh Green is a serene fellow, who prefers the taste of sheep rather than you. With a melodious roar and lovely brown and green speckled eggs, this is about as wholesome as you get in the world of dragons.

Why should you choose it?

Because it sounds like… dare we say, a lovely dragon. We thought ‘lovely dragon’ was an oxymoron, so this is a result.

Peruvian Vipertooth

PMARCHIVE-Peruvian Vipertooth by Dan Mumford 9VWHWomBNesqeMws6YE2K-b11

This copper-coloured species is small yet mighty, with venomous fangs and a penchant for liking humans – and not in a nice, ‘they want to be your mate’ way. Yep, we mean in an eating you sort of way. However, it also eats goats and cows, so at least it has a varied diet.

Why should you choose it?

If you’re a bit short on space, a Peruvian Vipertooth is perfect – due to its smaller size at only a modest 15 feet. N’aww. Shame about the whole ‘eating you’ thing, mind.

Romanian Longhorn

PMARCHIVE-Romanian Longhorn by Dan Mumford 9VWHWomBNesqeMws6YE2K-b13

The Longhorn has been through a treacherous history, with its species veering near extinction due to wizards’ interest in its powerful horn. When powdered, a Romanian Longhorn’s horn is highly valuable for potions ingredients. As such, this dragon has become closely protected in the wizarding community. Yep, who knew a dragon would need protecting, eh?

Why should you choose it?

Because this species clearly needs a good home. As in: someone not trying to sell its horns for profit.

Hebridean Black

PMARCHIVE-Hebridean Black by Dan Mumford 9VWHWomBNesqeMws6YE2K-b15

Native to Britain, the Hebridean Black is rough-scaled with purple eyes and bat-like wings. So, it’s a goth dragon, basically. This dragon enjoys the taste of dogs, cattle and deer, and probably likes listening to heavy metal music alone in their bedroom. Okay, maybe not.

Why should you choose it?

Because it’s so cool!

Ukrainian Ironbelly

PMARCHIVE-Ukranian Ironbelly by Dan Mumford 9VWHWomBNesqeMws6YE2K-b17

The Ironbelly dragon is the biggest of its species, known to grow to up to six tonnes in weight. As such, it’s a tad cumbersome, but probably still adorable when you get to know it.

Why should you choose it?

Because if you’re going to have a dragon, you might as well pick the biggest one.

Hungarian Horntail

PMARCHIVE-PM Illustrations animated dragons of the wizarding world Hungarian Horntail QuckyPAjaSC0sIamw6gOs-b1

Looking to achieve an edgier lifestyle? Is a leather jacket simply not cutting it? Well, how about purchasing a Hungarian Horntail, one of the most dangerous dragons out there? What a way to sharpen up your look.

Why should you choose it?

For the simple reason that absolutely no one will mess with you if you have a giant Hungarian Horntail at your side.

Thank Merlin’s pants that all of these dragons live safely within the pages of Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them textbook.

You can learn more about our lovely scaly friends here.

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