Gred and Forge, sorry, Fred and George, might seem to be two mischief-making peas in a pod, but they do have their differences. Which one are you most like? We’ve had a think and decided which Weasley twin best suits your personality.

If you like to take the lead… you’re most like Fred

Fred Weasley was the twin that liked to take the lead. If there was a joke, scheme or anything particularly outrageous happening, you’d most likely find that he was the instigator. After all, it was Fred who Mr Weasley caught clutching Ron’s hand in an attempt to make an Unbreakable Vow. He was the one to ‘accidentally’ drop the Ton-Tongue Toffee in front of Dudley. He was the one behind the wheel of the flying Ford Anglia when he, George and Ron rescued Harry from Privet Drive. And it was Fred who would take the lead in conversations. Once he had everyone’s attention with a witty joke, statement or occasional impression, then that would normally be the point when George stepped in. So, if you’re known for being a leader and are often the one to be found at the centre of the chaos, then you are most like Fred. You’re certainly not lacking in confidence, and you make every room you walk into a little, well, a lot more fun.

If you’re more empathetic… you’re just like George

There is no doubt that George Weasley was hilarious and excellent at practical jokes. However, he was also the slightly quieter twin, who tended to demonstrate a little more compassion than his brother. In Prisoner of Azkaban, when Oliver Wood was singing the praises of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and glossed over himself, it was George who piped up to remind him that he was very good too. He also tried to comfort Ron after the supposed death of Scabbers – while Fred just stuck to teasing his younger brother. He was also the one to take time to explain things to people. When he and Fred bequeathed Harry the Marauder’s Map, George was the one who explained what it did and tried to reassure Harry that he and Fred no longer needed it. So, if you can be level-headed, diplomatic and can read people well, you’re most like George. We’re not saying you aren’t funny or spontaneous, but you can be tactful and are better at recognising when to take things seriously.