Who wouldn’t want to be an honorary Weasley? But if you could only pick one to be your BFF, who would you choose? We’ve decided who we think you’d hang out with based on your personality.

If you have a thirst for adventure… you’d be best friends with Bill

When we first hear about the eldest Weasley, we’re told that he was Head Boy at Hogwarts before moving on to a steady job at a bank. Knowing only that, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was possibly a little uptight (perhaps a little like Percy...) but that certainly wasn’t the case. While it is true Bill works for Gringotts bank, he wasn’t stuck behind a desk. In fact, he was a curse-breaker who spent a lot of time hunting treasure and breaking weird, wonderful and downright dangerous curses amid the pyramids of Egypt.

If you’re the adventurous type, and this sounds like an appealing way to spend your time, we reckon you’d be friends with Bill. We can just imagine the two of you jetting off on some far-flung adventure, discovering unexplored gems, getting into dangerous situations (possibly involving gruesome hexes) and enjoying the thrill of the unexpected.

If you are an animal lover… you’d be best friends with Charlie

Charlie Weasley could have played Quidditch for England but decided to follow his true passion... dragons.

Basically, Charlie was the outdoorsy type, whether it was soaring on a broom or working with magical creatures. So although we don't expect you to have met any dragons, perhaps you still like to live life a little dangerously, like our Charlie.

There’s no doubt that Charlie was a skilled dragon handler, but we know that he also had a fantastic understanding of how to treat other creatures – even impressing animal lover Hagrid. So, we reckon that he would warm to someone with a similar mindset. After all, it would take someone who was equally as enthusiastic about animals to be able to listen to Charlie discuss the finer points of a Norwegian Ridgeback for hours. It's likely he would return the favour and would listen to you talking about your cat all day long (without needing to stifle a yawn).

If you are ambitious... you’d be best friends with Percy

Are you somebody with a five-year career plan? Do you know exactly how you’re going to make it to the top? Do you work tirelessly to achieve your dreams? Then you and Percy Weasley would get along famously. There’s no denying Percy’s drive – he went from Prefect, to Head Boy, to working for the Ministry of Magic itself (and for the Barty Crouch no less). However, Percy’s desire to succeed did make him blind to the reality of the return of Voldemort – driving a wedge between him and the rest of his family. But we reckon if you’re someone who appreciates ambition but also knows when to draw the line, you would be an excellent influence on Percy.

If you are a mischief maker… you’d be best friends with Fred and George

Whether they are creating chaos with the Skiving Snackboxes, turning the corridors of Hogwarts into a swamp, finding new and exciting ways to sneak out of the castle or just being a witty double act – the Weasley twins are the true masters of mischief. Only the Marauders, or Lee Jordan, could come close to matching the wonderful chaos they created.

It would take someone with a true funny bone to be accepted as their new partner in crime. If you’re a practical joker (who knows how to stay on the right side of funny), with a vivid imagination and endless enthusiasm for all jokes big and small, we reckon you’d make a great fit.

If you are loyal… you’d be best friends with Ron

Before we begin, we know Ron left Harry and Hermione on the Horcrux hunt – but he did come back (and Dumbledore knew he would which is why he left him the Deluminator). Although before and after that incident Ron had been an incredibly loyal friend – even when personal insecurity and jealousy made it difficult for him. Whether he was standing up for Hermione when Malfoy called her a 'Mudblood' (and facing the slimy slug aftermath), sacrificing himself in a game of wizard chess, ignoring Percy’s calls to cut ties with Harry or just being dedicated to his useless rat Scabbers – he certainly proved his loyalty.

We reckon that you and Ron would get on like a house on fire if you’re someone who would do anything for their friends or loved ones – even if sometimes it made you look a bit silly. If you’re trustworthy, reliable and don’t flake on your friends, then Ron would think you were brilliant.

If you are no pushover … you’d be friends with Ginny

As the youngest of seven (and the only girl), we imagine it couldn’t have always been easy for Ginny Weasley. Yet, she was never one to simply fade into the background – and was arguably the fiercest and boldest of all the Weasley siblings. While she may have seemed timid when we first met her (her crush on Harry didn’t help), that impression changed quite quickly.

Ginny is a force to be reckoned with. Her brothers know not to cross her – with George even remarking that ‘size is no guarantee of power’. We completely agree – and really wouldn’t want to end up on her bad side… or on the receiving end of one of her infamous Bat Bogey Hexes. Whether she is battling her brothers, Death Eaters or another Quidditch team, Ginny knows how to stand her ground. If you’re someone who doesn’t let anyone or anything get in your way, has a fierce streak and doesn’t let a little thing like height stop you – then you’d be BFFs with Ginny.