Ever wondered what it would be like to be Dumbledore for a day? Are you a restless sleeper? Constantly anxious? Don’t worry, if you’re a potions connoisseur, there’s usually a brew to help.

If you’re often wishing you were someone else, you’d take some Polyjuice Potion

Who doesn’t want to be Dumbledore for a day? Or indeed, anyone that perhaps you’d like to live the life of, even if just for a short time. If you’re an aspirational person, always looking to others for inspiration, we can absolutely see you brewing up some Polyjuice Potion. So, it may be a little ‘complex and time consuming’ to make, but it would definitely be worth it to walk in another’s shoes, or in Hermione’s case, walking in someone else’s paws... (a reminder: cat hair in Polyjuice Potion is not recommended).

If you’re a brilliant bookworm, you’d love some extra time with the Elixir of Life

There’s just not enough hours in the day, is there? But there is a certain concoction that could help you get a lot more done. Created using the Philosopher’s Stone, Nicholas Flamel lived to be over 600 with the help of the Elixir of Life. Now, people would use this extra time for many reasons – but if you’re a Hermione-esque bookworm wishing you had way more time to read, this would be perfect for you and your quest for self-education. Plenty of time to take extra classes and make a serious dent in the nearest library.

If you’re a restless sleeper – try Madam Pomfrey’s Potion for Dreamless Sleep

If you struggle to switch off at night, or are plagued with the strangest of dreams, there is a handy potion that makes sleeping far more straight-forward. Madam Pomfrey prescribed this potion to Harry after the awful events of the Triwizard Tournament – for Harry was susceptible to many disconcerting nightmares.

There are other potions used for sleeping – such as the Draught of Living Death, but seeing as nobody has figured out how to wake someone up from it yet, we’d advise staying well clear of this concoction.

If you’re the “that’s just my luck” type, you’d drink Felix Felicis.

Whether you regularly get caught in the rain, lose things, or could just use a lucky break, this liquid gold solution is all you need to put things right. Just a few drops and, like Harry, you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time – though we hope that doesn’t include Aragog’s funeral. We’re still coming to terms with that one.

Of course, as Ron discovers, sometimes you don’t even need Felix Felicis to truly feel lucky – sometimes it’s just about tricking yourself into believing you can do it!

If you have a tendency to get a bit tongue tied... try a Babbling Beverage

Are you ever having a chat with someone and find you simply cannot access that perfect witty thing to say? We have all been there. There is a potion that could have you waxing lyrical in no time though – try a furtive swig of a Babbling Beverage next time you find yourself stuck for small-talk at a party.

If you’re simply a very anxious person – maybe some Draught of Peace would be nice

Are you in a perpetual state of unrest? Can’t even settle down to watch some Muggle telly without feeling a niggle at the back of your mind? Do you worry when you don’t have stuff to worry about? You sound like you’d love some Draught of Peace then, which is recommended for those easily agitated. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But then again, this is the wizarding world.