Are you somebody that dreams of spending the summer as one of the Weasleys at The Burrow? Or would you prefer a trip to the Quidditch World Cup? We've thought about the places where Harry spent his holidays and have decided which one suits your personality.

If you’re an avid sports fan… you’d go to the Quidditch World Cup

If you’re someone that lives in their favourite football team’s kit and is happiest when at a match with other fans, then we think you’d appreciate a trip to the Quidditch World Cup. With all the high drama of Bulgaria vs Ireland, the Wronski Feint, the lively mascots and the thrilling final score, you are certainly not going to be bored. We also think you’d enjoy the lively atmosphere of the campsite… well before a certain group of Dark wizards made an appearance that is.

If you’re normal thank-you-very-much… you’d stay at 4 Privet Drive

Are you the proud owner of a neatly manicured lawn? Do you like to ensure that your house is just so – with not a throw cushion out of place? Are you proud to be normal and heavily judge those you see as ruffians or eccentrics? Then you would fit in perfectly at 4 Privet Drive. Not only could you and Petunia stare out of the window and gossip about the neighbour’s new car, outfit, haircut or lawn, but you and Vernon could have a good old chat about the price of drills and how to take care of your moustache. As someone who doesn’t hold with any silly nonsense, this is the dream spot for you.

If you enjoy a pint with friends… you’d stay at The Leaky Cauldron

There’s nothing quite like a good drink and a catch up with friends – especially when you’re in an excellent pub like the Leaky Cauldron. If people watching with a pint of Butterbeer sounds tempting, then this would be a great place for you to spend your summer. With witches, wizards and warlocks from all over, you will definitely hear an interesting story or two. And we are sure that Tom the barman would take good care of you with his own brand of customer service. As someone who is laidback and a fan of excellent conversation, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re a fan of dramatic landscapes… you’d stay at the Hut-on-the-Rock

With crashing waves, a howling wind, a pitch-black sky and an imminent sense of danger, the Hut-on-the-Rock might not be the most obvious choice for a summer vacation. But this rustic hut, visited by the Dursleys in Philosopher’s Stone, has everything you could possibly want. Only reachable by boat, surrounded by the strong smell of seaweed and with walls that can’t keep the weather out, it certainly has its own… unique charm. So, if you’re a fan of dramatic weather and dramatic scenery, this is where you should go on holiday.

If you enjoy spending your money… you’d go to Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley is the perfect place for all your magical shopping needs – whether you fancy getting stuck into a good book at Flourish and Blotts or an excellent chocolate and raspberry ice-cream at Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlour. With its enticing shopfronts packed full of things you can only dream of, it’s a paradise for shopaholics. And who could turn down the opportunity to purchase a wand from the legendary Mr Ollivander? If you’re someone who loves to spend their days browsing the shops while parting with their money, then Diagon Alley should be the top of your summer holiday hotspots.

If you’re a homebody… you’d go to The Burrow

If the sound of a squashy armchair, warm fire and excellent homecooked meal appeals to you, then you would fit right in at The Burrow. We reckon you would have a brilliant time surrounded by the Weasley clan – especially if Molly was feeding you all the bacon sandwiches you could possibly eat. It wouldn’t matter if you were hanging out indoors, playing Quidditch in the orchard or pottering about doing some gentle chores (like a good de-gnome of the garden), if you’re someone who is happiest when at home, then this is the summer holiday destination for you.