The Marauders were infamous for their rule breaking and adventuring. But who are you most like? We’ve had a think and made some decisions based on your personality.

If you’re supremely confident… you’re most like James

James Potter was known for being very sure of himself – and he did have good reason. He was a talented Quidditch player, very intelligent and had a group of friends who adored him. Sometimes that confidence could seem like arrogance (just ask Severus Snape), but you have to applaud James for his unshakeable belief in himself. If you’re the type of person who knows they can do anything they put their mind to, carries themselves with their head held high and whose attitude sometimes border on arrogant, you’re most like James Potter.

If you’re a mischievous rebel… you’re most like Sirius

If there was one thing that Sirius was good at, it was getting himself into trouble – whether he was messing around with his friends at school or sneaking out of Grimmauld Place when he was supposed to stay put as an adult. If there was any chaos, you’d find him at the centre of it. His devil-may-care attitude may have been reckless, but Sirius’s mischievous nature always seemed to land on the right side of charming. So, if you’re someone who was frequently in detention, still doesn’t always think before they leap and sees themselves as a bit of a rogue, you’re most like Sirius Black.

If you like to follow the leader… you’re most like Peter

Do you find it hard to make decisions for yourself? Do you prefer to hide behind those who are more confident and talented than you? Do you have a real instinct for self-preservation? Then you’re most like Peter. Now, we are not saying that you would betray your friends like he did. And we are not saying you would ever go down the same dark path. But if you’re someone who would tell on a friend to avoid getting into trouble, have taken credit you don’t deserve and are always looking for how a situation benefits you, you’re most like Peter Pettigrew.

If you are kind to others… you’re most like Remus

Remus Lupin was compassionate. Having been an outsider himself, he made sure to extend the kindness he was not often shown to others. He certainly looked out for the underdog, even if it did get in the way of his better judgement – he was the one to befriend Peter after all. He also accepted that people had flaws, even if he wasn’t very good at accepting his own. If you’re like Remus, we imagine that you’re the type of person to be a mentor to others, a person whose friends turn to for non-judgemental advice and someone who believes that most people deserve a second chance in life.