Like all schools, Hogwarts has many rules which are often broken by the students. But which one would you defy? We've made some deductions based on your personality.

If you’re a night owl… you’d roam the corridors after hours

Do you often find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night? Do you just not do mornings? Would you hate the idea of having a set bedtime? Then we reckon you’d break the rules by wandering around the castle when you should be tucked up in your four-poster bed. Hogwarts is crammed full of secret passageways, curious objects and intriguing secrets… it would feel almost impossible to stay put when you’re wide awake – especially when there is so much exploring to be done. We could totally see you sneaking around after dark, finding all the hiding places to avoid being spotted by Filch and Mrs Norris, and ending up with a knowledge of the castle that rivals the Marauders and the Weasley twins.

If you have an endless thirst for knowledge… you’d sneak into the Restricted Section

If you enjoy getting stuck into a good book, have a wide range of interests and always want to learn something new, then you’d sneak into the Restricted Section. Like Hermione Granger, the library would be your favourite stomping ground, where we imagine you’d spend the majority of your free time. However, there are only so many books in the main section of the Hogwarts library. Once you had made your way through those, you’d want to get your hands on something new – especially if it was something challenging and exciting… which is exactly the type of thing you would find in the Restricted Section.

If you enjoy hanging out in nature… you’d visit the Forbidden Forest

The hustle and bustle of everyday life and being surrounded by people can often feel like too much. So, if you love nothing more than a good hike and are quite solitary by nature, we think you’d be drawn to the Forbidden Forest. It wouldn’t matter to you that it is out of bounds, you’d sneak in there at every chance you’d get. While you’d have to be on guard for creatures that aren’t very friendly – it would be awful to run into an Acromantula – we can also see it soon becoming your happy place, where there is plenty to explore and where you can switch off from the rest of the outside world.

If you’re known for being a hothead… you’d duel in the castle corridors

Are you the type of person who isn’t always very patient? Do you tend to act first and think later? Then we reckon you’d be duelling in the castle corridors. If someone insulted you, you’d forget all about the fact that magic was banned in the hallways. Instead, with a wand in your hand, you’d find it all too tempting to respond to with a quick hex or jinx. And like the bold Ginny Weasley with her infamous Bat-Bogey Hex, we can imagine you having a signature spell that would cement your fierce reputation and would become legendary throughout the school.

If you like to show off… you’d bring a banned magical object to Hogwarts

Sometimes it is rather fun to be the centre of attention – where you can impress people with snazzy tricks. If this is what appeals to you, then we think you’d bring a forbidden magical object into Hogwarts. Whether it was a Screaming Yo-yo, Fanged Frisbee, Ever-Bashing Boomerang or one of the other things on Argus Filch’s list of four hundred and thirty-seven banned items, you would risk getting into trouble if it gave you the opportunity to show off to a captive audience.

If you’re an animal lover… you’d bring a fantastic beast inside the castle

If animals are your most favourite thing in the world, then you’d definitely break the rules by trying to smuggle a magical creature – not on the approved pet list – into Hogwarts. Like Newt Scamander and Rubeus Hagrid, you believe that all creatures deserve to be loved and would not be able to say no to taking care of any animal who needed it. You’re probably the type of person who would arrive home from school with an injured bird or squirrel or mouse in your pocket, which you would nurse back to health (even if your parents weren’t keen on the idea). So, whether it was a baby unicorn that had wandered from its herd, a Mooncalf that had damaged one if its spindly legs or a Niffler that you’d taken a shine to, you’d sneak all manner of fantastic beasts into Hogwarts.