All witches-and-wizards-in-training are allowed to bring a pet with them to school. But if you were to attend Hogwarts, which of the famous wizarding world pets would you choose? We’ve made some decisions based on your personality...

If you are energetic and full of life... you’d have Pigwidgeon

Do you have oodles of energy? Are you known for your positive can-do attitude and enthusiasm for life? Are you not afraid to give something a go even if you aren’t the most accomplished at it? Then you and Pigwidgeon would make a perfect pair. This whizzy bundle of joy might have got Ron Weasley’s nerves, but we reckon you would find Pig’s excitable hooting endearing. And while he wasn’t the most graceful of post owls, he always tried his best… and we reckon you do too.

If you are intelligent and an excellent judge of character... you’d have Crookshanks

This large, ginger half-Kneazle was certainly no fool – and we wouldn’t expect anything less from a pet of Hermione Granger. Crookshanks was something of a genius. After all, he was the one who saw right through Peter Pettigrew and his Scabbers disguise. He even tried to help expose him by stealing the passwords to the Gryffindor common room and attempting to hand Pettigrew over to Sirius Black. His discerning nature meant that if he took to someone (like Hermione or Sirius) you knew that you could trust them. If you have ever been described as shrewd, insightful, intelligent or all three, then we think that you and Crookshanks would make an excellent duo.

If you are feisty with a protective side... you’d have Hedwig

Hedwig was one sassy owl. She knew what she liked, and she wasn’t afraid to tell you (in her own non-verbal way of course). She certainly had a knack for keeping Harry and everyone else around her in line... often with a well-placed nip. The other part of Hedwig’s personality was her incredibly caring and protective nature – she stayed by Harry’s side and watched over him. She was also his connection to the wizarding world when he was stuck with the Dursleys during the summer holidays. This intelligent, feisty bird was one of a kind. If you’re someone who is sure of themself, takes no nonsense and has a very big heart, we reckon she’s perfect for you.

If you love all things cute and squishy... you’d have Arnold

Arnold the Pygmy Puff was adorable. Bred as a miniature version of a Puffskein, he was almost too cute to handle. We could just cuddle this squishy ball of fluff all day long. And if that sounds appealing, then Arnold would be a great pet choice for you. If you were to have a pet Pygmy Puff, we can imagine that you are the kind of person who loves to share videos of baby animals doing cute things, has a wide selection of cuddly toys and has a fondness for all things twee… and Arnold would fit your aesthetic perfectly.

If you value the importance of a fresh start... you’d have Fawkes

Fawkes was the king of new beginnings – which comes with the territory if you happen to be a phoenix. This magnificent creature was the physical representation of letting go of all your old worries and baggage before starting afresh. He was also a symbol of hope to many – and his healing powers were certainly appreciated. If you’re the type of person who believes in second chances, works hard to be the best version of yourself and extends that to those around them, then we think you’d get on famously with Fawkes.

If you enjoy being surrounded by friends and family... you’d have Fang

Fang the boarhound wasn’t one for adventure… in fact he’d rather stay at home and chill out thank-you-very-much. Although he wasn’t the most intrepid or fearless animal, he was loving, kind and valued his favourite people. Hagrid rarely seemed to go anywhere without him, and he always appreciated a visit from our favourite trio. If you were to have a pet like Fang, we would envisage you as somebody who is happiest when relaxing at home with your friends and family. You don’t feel the urge to travel to far-flung places or cram your day full of activities. You are in your element when enjoying the simple pleasures in life – like pottering around the house or taking a stroll, especially if you have a good pal on hand to keep you company.

If you’re tough on the outside but a softy at heart... you’d have Buckbeak

Are you somebody that doesn’t let their guard down easily? Are you known to appear formidable when the reality is quite different? Then Buckbeak (or Witherwings as he is later known) is the Hippogriff for you. First impressions are incredibly important to Buckbeak – just look what happened when Malfoy made a bad one. But if you impress him, he will become a faithful and reliable companion. We can imagine that you’re someone that takes a cautious approach to meeting new people, has a select circle of friends who you would do anything for and once you let someone in, you make a friend for life.

If you’re somebody who can’t be pinned down... you’d have Trevor

Trevor the toad was something of an escapologist – poor Neville seemed to spend half his life looking for this wily amphibian. When Trevor finally ended up joining the other toads by the lake, it was thought to be a relief for both toad and owner. But really, Trevor was a free spirit who needed a person who was happy to let him hop off and do his own thing. If you’re someone who can’t be pinned down, values their freedom and doesn’t like to be stuck in one place for too long, then Trevor is the toad for you.