The Hogwarts Great Hall feasts are some of the greatest feasts around. And they always prove eventful. Today, we’re wondering what type of dinner guest you’d be, based on your personality. Picture yourself in the Great Hall and pull up a chair.

Which Hogwarts character are you spiritually connecting with today? Let us see!

If you’re the sort of person who likes to look up the menu and decide your order before you go to the restaurant, you’d be like Ron

What’s the best thing about the feast? The feasting, of course! Ron knew the score. He was always to be spotted tucking into Hogwarts’ bountiful food selections during a feast – to the extent Hermione once asked him if he ever stops eating. We can’t blame Ron, though. After years of Mrs Weasley’s delicious dinners, no wonder he is a food-lover! This lad simply appreciates the culinary delights the world has to offer, and if you’re drawn to this section, you relate to him. We have always wanted to join the Hogwarts Great Hall feasts too – the book descriptions of the food were always so mouth-watering. Our kingdom for a flaming Christmas pudding!

If you’re constantly schmoozing, you’d be like Percy

Some people shirk small-talk at parties, but not you. Every social event is an opportunity to make a new friend – or depending on the occasion – take a step up the job ladder if you meet the right person. This was very much Percy’s prerogative, especially during the Yule Ball where he was representing Barty Crouch to absolutely anyone who would listen. But while Percy could be overbearing at times, you’ve got to respect his hustle! Percy knew how to get ahead in life, even if he sometimes lost his head in the process. We can definitely understand you wanting to meet as many people as humanly possible at Hogwarts feasts – you certainly get a lot of interesting characters there.

If social situations cause you great anxiety, you’d be like young Derek

Maybe you read the Percy section thinking, “Nope, can’t relate. Talking to people is terrible,” – so perhaps you’re more in tune with Derek the nervous first-year. Derek was a young lad who found himself in a very bizarre Christmas dinner situation in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. After a wider berth of Hogwarts students flocked home for the holidays (Sirius Black had tried to break into the castle a few months prior, remember) Dumbledore hosted a more-modest feast for the remaining students, which included Harry and poor Derek. And when the mighty headmaster of Hogwarts, Supreme Mugwump, Chief Warlock and holder of an Order of Merlin, first class, offers you some chipolatas – you can’t blame Derek for being shocked to the core by such a moment.

If you are louder than life itself, you’d be like Fred & George

Do you like to bring the party? Easy – you’re Fred and George, who also liked to provide a bit of pizzazz to the Hogwarts feasts when they weren’t hosting rambunctious parties in the Gryffindor common room. Often known to put their stamp on proceedings (whether that’s singing Hoggy Warty Hogwarts as a slow funeral march or simply yelling out “You’re joking!” during Dumbledore’s Triwizard Tournament announcement) – the Weasley twins brought energy to wherever they were. Even during exam season, they made quite the statement thanks to a couple of fireworks and some portable swamps. Maybe this all reminds you of yourself a little bit. Because without you, things might be a tad quieter, but life would also be way less fun!

If you simply love hosting, you’d be like Albus Dumbledore

Maybe you’d rather be the one dishing out the Hors-d'œuvres rather than chomping on them? If so, you strike us as a natural host – the one who holds everything together and makes sure everyone is fed, watered and entertained. This was very much Dumbledore’s job at Hogwarts, who kicked off proceedings with a few words (sometimes these words were just, “Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak”) and set the tone for these fabulous occasions. At the Yule Ball, he kindly showed everyone how to order food to their plates (simply say what you want!) and always made sure the feasts of Hogwarts felt that little bit more magical. If you like to bring your own spark to your own dinner parties, we see a lot of Dumbledore in you.