It’s not just the living that roam the halls of Hogwarts – they share the castle with some of the dead too. But out of the spectral beings that inhabit the castle, which one are you most like? We’ve made some decisions based on your personality.

If you have trouble letting things go… you’re like Nearly Headless Nick

Are you someone that holds grudges? Do you find it difficult move past things – however big or small? If someone else were to take the last biscuit from the tin, would you never forgive them? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you’re like Nearly Headless Nick. Despite not meeting the vital criteria, Nick couldn’t get over the fact he was never allowed to join the Headless Hunt (despite having been struck in the neck with a blunt axe forty-five times) and would happily complain to you about it. That was a grudge which had lasted centuries and was set to last for centuries more. He simply couldn’t move on – though that is quite common for ghosts. And if you find yourself sympathising and understanding his position, we reckon you’re most like him.

If you love nothing more than a good moan… you’re like Moaning Myrtle (of course)

Moaning Myrtle was always one for… well, moaning. She moped during her time as a human and that certainly continued with gusto when she joined the afterlife. And while we do understand that being a ghost is not the happiest way to exist, she really did seem to enjoy wallowing in misery. In fact, she even had plans to share her toilet with Harry if he didn’t make it back from the Chamber of Secrets, as misery truly does love company. If you’re someone that searches for things to be annoyed about, gets a thrill out of complaining about the weather, your neighbours, or anything really, then you’re most like Moaning Myrtle.

If you are a fan of a statement necklace… you’re like the Bloody Baron

Do you like your fashion choices to make a big statement? Do you never go anywhere without a chunky, eye-catching necklace? Then you’re like the Bloody Baron. He’s worn the same chains for years. And yes, he did wear them to punish himself (for unforgivably murdering Helena Ravenclaw), but they certainly caught your eye. We don’t think your story is as dark as the Baron’s and we doubt you have such a profound reason for your choice of neckwear. But if you can’t bear to leave the house without a bit of bling, then he’s the ghost you’re most similar to.

If you have a certain air of mystery… you’re like the Grey Lady

The Grey Lady managed to slip under the radar for quite a few years. As a ghost we never really saw her or heard about her until the diadem came into play. And as a human, she managed to sneak off and escape to live in a forest when she stole that precious artefact from her mother (though she was eventually tracked down). If you’re someone who knows how to quietly slink away when you don’t want to be around people, then you’re most like the Grey Lady. We can imagine that you’re the type of person who plays their cards close to their chest, isn’t very likely to text back and knows exactly how to keep people at arm’s length.

If mischief is your middle name… you’re like Peeves

Ok, so Peeves was a poltergeist rather than a ghost, but we reckon he still counts. One of the most disruptive forces in the school, nobody (apart from Fred, George or maybe the Marauders) could come close to his trickster ways. Whether he was swinging from (or unscrewing) chandeliers, bursting out of blackboards, loosening the carpet to trip people up or smashing cabinets as a distraction – he was an expert in causing chaos. If you have been known to get into mischief yourself or think there is nothing more hilarious than a practical joke, then we reckon you and Peeves are like two pesky peas in a pod.

If you’re always in a good mood… you’re like the Fat Friar

The Fat Friar always seemed to be rather jolly. Even though he was a ghost destined to be stuck as nothing more than a mere imprint for the rest of eternity – he never seemed bothered. What always stood out was the way he smiled and affectionately chatted to students. He was also one of the only people in the school to think Peeves deserved a second chance. His good-humoured nature was his defining feature. And if you’re like the Friar, we reckon you are someone that is known for their sunny smile, unshakeable positivity and laidback nature.