Gryffindor house is full of courageous and interesting characters. But who are you most similar to? In the first of our short series of house-themed articles, we’ve decided which notable Gryffindor matches your personality.

If you’re kind, brave and would do anything for those you love… you’re like Lily Potter

Even though we never met Lily Potter, whenever anybody spoke about her, we couldn’t help but be struck by her kind-heartedness. Whether she was charming Horace Slughorn with a pet fish named Francis or reaching out a hand of friendship to Severus Snape – her deepest nature was unfailingly generous and warm.

However, that didn’t mean she was a pushover. Lily was extremely brave and would do anything to protect those she loved. She chastised James for being cruel towards Snape, firmly told Severus calling her a Mudblood was completely unacceptable and ultimately gave up her life to save Harry’s.

If you’re like Lily, we can imagine that you’re someone who always looks for the good in people but also doesn’t allow anyone to take advantage of that kindness. We also reckon you are someone who defends those they cherish, no matter what, and ensuring their wellbeing is what is most important to you.

If you’re very passionate about your hobbies… you’re like Arthur Weasley

Are you someone who is happiest when tinkering away at a project in the garden shed? Do you collect knickknacks like they’re going out of fashion? Have you ever had to rein yourself in from constantly talking about your love of stamp-collecting, model trains, bird watching or whatever your passion is? If this sounds anything like you, then you’re most like Arthur Weasley.

Whether it’s a flying car or a spark plug, nothing makes our favourite wizarding world dad happier than taking apart or modifying a Muggle object. In fact, he enjoys it so much he has even been known to risk incurring the wrath of Molly when things go slightly (well… a lot) awry – like the time his sons liberated the modified Ford Anglia to rescue Harry…

If you’re intelligent, witty and don’t suffer fools gladly… you’re like Minerva McGonagall

Professor Minerva McGonagall can seem like an imposing figure – and for good reason. Her magical ability, intelligence, no-nonsense attitude and wit all made for one inspiring witch. It doesn’t matter if she was teaching a lesson, fighting Dark wizards or simply offering Harry a biscuit – Minerva McGonagall did it all in an impressively no-nonsense style.

We imagine you’re just like Minerva if you have a reputation for being averse to all things airy fairy and twee, you have a sense of humour that is drier than a desert, you find yourself rolling your eyes when someone doesn’t get to the point quick enough and you regularly impress people with your knowledge and logical thinking.

If you’ve grown into someone you can be proud of… you’re like James Potter

People are always growing and changing – nobody remains the same forever. Sometimes the person you were a year or two ago is completely different to the person you are today. And sometimes that change can be an incredibly positive thing. James Potter is certainly someone who demonstrated this. He went from being a bully with an arrogant streak to someone who stood against Voldemort and was worthy of Lily Evan’s love. By the time James died, he was an incredible husband, father and wizard.

If you have done some growing up in the last few years, changed something you didn’t like about your personality and are now a version of yourself that you are proud of, we think you’re most like James Potter… and you shouldn’t underestimate what an achievement it is to have come so far.

If you always do what is right, rather than what is popular… you’re like Hermione Granger

When Hermione Granger was in her third year at Hogwarts, she told Professor McGonagall that Harry had been given a Firebolt broomstick for Christmas – but worryingly, they didn’t know who from. McGonagall agreed it was concerning and confiscated it to check it hadn’t been tampered with. Harry and Ron stopped talking to Hermione for weeks. They had tried to shout down her concerns from the moment she raised them. However, that didn’t stop her from doing what she believed to be right and in the best interests of her friend – despite knowing it would ruffle a few feathers.

If you’re someone who values doing the right thing even if others disagree, you’re most like Hermione. We imagine you’re not afraid to challenge the views of your friends and family or turn down an opportunity that goes against your morals, and we’re confident that you never just settle for doing the easy thing but always follow your conscience.

If you’re someone who is daring, exciting and really rather cool… you’re like Bill Weasley

Are you someone that finds themselves with quite a few admirers? Have you noticed that sometimes people try to mimic your style? Are you perpetually laidback? And do you pick up on new skills with ease? Then we reckon you are most like the oldest Weasley sibling.

Bill Weasley is a bit of a rock star. With his long hair, his earring and his job as a curse-breaker – he was just the coolest. From gadding around the pyramids of Egypt on curse-breaking adventures, to dismissing Rita Skeeter’s ‘long-haired pillock’ barb with casual grace, to smashing his exams and becoming Head Boy – he made everything look awesome and effortless. He even managed to convince the brilliant and beautiful Fleur Delacour to marry him, and they definitely made a striking pair.

Not a Gryffindor? Don’t worry – we will be taking a look at all the Hogwarts houses. Remember to keep an eye out for next week’s article which is all about those clever Ravenclaws.