In the Harry Potter films, the lovable raggedy Sorting Hat helped young wizards and witches discover their Hogwarts houses. But have you ever wanted to be in the presence of the hat in real life?

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood


You can visit a physical version of the Sorting Hat (and get sorted by it!) over at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, which celebrates the movie magic behind the Wizarding World. In a specially recreated Great Hall set, visitors can wear the Sorting Hat and hear the hat shout out the Hogwarts house where you truly belong. And be sure to download our app to get an enhanced experience!

You’ll be able to scan an Enchanted Key in the Studio Tour queue to get sorted into your house officially with us – and then the physical hat will confirm it.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Sorting Hat in Cursed Child on Broadway 2019

In the award-winning play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the Sorting Hat is represented by an actor, who looks far more dapper than the tatty wizards’ hat we see in the films! Complete with a new Sorting Hat song, this is an iteration of the magical object come to life we were never expecting to see. And in its older years, the Sorting Hat is still dishing out surprises when it comes to students’ Hogwarts houses...

To learn more about the territories Cursed Child is playing in, visit here.

You could always simply get sorted with us!

Sorting Hat app

If you would like to don the Sorting Hat digitally, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re visiting the website or logging into the Harry Potter Fan Club app (where you can wear the hat via AR technology) it’s never too late to discover your Hogwarts house. You can learn more about our own official Sorting Ceremony here.