The first Harry Potter book introduced us to characters that would be in our hearts forever. But some other characters fell off our radars a little bit...

So, whatever happened to…


As we will never forget, this loveable three-headed dog played an integral role in the first book, terrorising anyone who dared come near the trapdoor that led to the Philosopher’s Stone. Naturally, Fluffy was a contribution from Hagrid, who bought him off a ‘Greek chappie’ down the pub. Someone really needs to introduce Hagrid to traditional shops.

After Fluffy had fulfilled his task of protecting the trapdoor (although not very well, seeing as his main flaw was falling asleep to music) we didn't meet him in the books again, although Harry did reminisce about him in the second story.

According to J.K. Rowling in 2015, we learnt that Dumbledore had made sure Fluffy returned home safely to Greece in the end.

Doris Crockford

Concept illustration of the Leaky Cauldron entrance

Lovely Doris was one of the Leaky Cauldron lot who couldn’t believe their eyes when a young Harry Potter walked into the pub. She told Harry she was ‘just so proud’ to meet him, and got in quite a few handshakes before Harry was whisked off to Diagon Alley.

She was there with the likes of Dedalus Diggle and Professor Quirrell, but while Quirrell played a key role in the first book and Diggle ended up being a member of the Order of the Phoenix, we never saw Doris get another Harry handshake again. Maybe she’s still down at the Leaky Cauldron, still reminiscing about her celebrity encounter.

All the other kids from Harry’s first year

Draco being sorted into Slytherin

The Sorting Ceremony was our first proper look at some of the other students sorted into Harry’s first year that weren’t main characters. For example, we saw Mandy Brocklehurst and Lisa Turpin become Ravenclaws, but never saw them again because Harry simply didn’t hang out with the Ravenclaws.

We saw some of the other students of Harry’s year again (Terry Boot, for example, joined Dumbledore’s Army) but as for these Ravenclaw girls, who knows? And what about Sally-Anne Perks? Or Morag MacDougal? Whatever happened to them, we hope they had a nice time and did well in their studies.

The troll from the dungeon

Speaking of horrendous beasts randomly wandering around a school, Fluffy wasn’t the only one. There was, of course, the giant 12-foot mountain troll let loose in the dungeon. Thanks to Harry and Ron, the big lad was knocked out by his own club before he could do too much damage, and later on, we found out that Quirrell, acting under Voldemort’s orders, let the troll in in the first place.

But we’re not sure what the troll went on to do after all of this business ended. As far as we know, there was no reunion party with Harry, Ron and Hermione, despite the troll technically being the reason their friendship ever properly happened. Bit rude of Harry not to set that up, to be honest.

Trolley witch

The lady who pushed the trolley on the Hogwarts Express kind of helped along Harry and Ron’s friendship by giving them lots of sweets to bond over. Although she continued to work on the train for years to come, she was also spotted at Dumbledore’s funeral. Well, we all know Dumbledore loved a sugary treat.


Just in case trolls and three-headed dogs weren’t enough to scare the living daylights out of a bunch of children, Hagrid kindly threw Norbert the dragon into the mix too. As Hagrid lived in a wooden house, and baby dragons have the tendency to turn into much bigger dragons, this friendship didn’t last long, and Hagrid had to be convinced to let Norbert go, and the little fire-breathing tyke was carted off to Ron’s brother, Charlie. For their troubles, Harry and Hermione (and Neville, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time) got caught sneaking around after hours, and lost a mammoth 150 Gryffindor house points in total. We’re still a bit annoyed at Hagrid for not taking the fall on that one.

Thankfully, we know that Norbert did go on to live a happy life in Romania, when Hagrid caught up with Charlie on how his beloved Norbert was doing years later. Charlie had to kindly report to Hagrid that Norbert was actually a girl, and these days she went by the name of Norberta. Oh, Hagrid.


Oh come on, you remember Yvonne. Aunt Petunia’s friend who was considered a replacement for Mrs Figg for looking after Harry? The one who was on holiday in Majorca? We all loved Yvonne!

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