At Hogwarts, there is a magical, interchangeable room that becomes whatever you require it to be. But what would the Room of Requirement turn into for you? Well, we’ve made a few guesses based on your personality.

Some call it the “Come and go room” but most know it as The Room of Requirement – which has assumed many forms throughout the Harry Potter books. When Winky the house-elf was recovering from too much Butterbeer, for example, the room turned into a safe haven for her, complete with a bed and Butterbeer antidotes – whereas when caretaker Argus Filch came across it, he simply found a room full of extra cleaning supplies. His dream come true. So, whatever you need – the Room of Requirement’s got you covered. So, what would it become for you?

If you always love playing host... The Room of Requirement would turn into Dumbledore’s Army headquarters

Perhaps the most famous ‘state’ of the Room of Requirement that we see in the books is when Harry, Ron and Hermione assemble Dumbledore’s Army, and the room becomes a huge workspace for the students to practise defensive spells in. Full of cushions to fall on and handy spell books to study up with, this version of the room sounded spacious, yet cosy. If you love hosting your friends’ round at your house, we imagine this state of the room would be ideal to create the ultimate hangout hotspot.

If you love your own secret hangout... The Room of Requirement would turn into Neville’s version of Dumbledore’s Army headquarters

Okay, so this version of the Room of Requirement was quite different to the one Harry ‘found’ in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to train up the DA. Upon our return to Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Neville’s version of the Room of Requirement was a special hideout during the horrific reign of the Carrow siblings at the school. It was said to resemble a treehouse or a ship’s cabin, full of hammocks, tapestries, brooms and books.

So, if you were always making dens as a kid – or had your own treehouse or something similar – we think you’d favour Neville’s version of the room the most!

If you have a tendency to be a hoarder... The Room of Requirement would turn into the room of hidden things

Be honest. Do you have a drawer or box in your house which is full of unexplained wires and chargers that you’re not quite sure what they’re for? Then the Room of Requirement would 100% be turning into ‘the room of hidden things’ for you.

This is where the room held all manner of strange and mysterious magical artefacts that had accumulated over the years. As it turned out, a lot of people in Hogwarts needed to hide certain items... For Harry, this is where he put his copy of the Half-Blood Prince’s annotated version of Advanced Potion Making – but this room is also where you’d find a random Horcrux, should you need one. As a self-confessed hoarder, who simply can’t get rid of that dress you haven’t worn in several years, this huge room is exactly what you need when you just can’t say goodbye.

If you just like to get away from it all... The Room of Requirement would turn into a broom cupboard

There are smaller instances where The Room of Requirement appeared to pop up in the Harry Potter stories. Fred and George seemed to come across it once when they were on the run from Filch, where the room turned into a handy broom cupboard for the troublesome pair to hide in. We love that sometimes the room becomes something functional and inconspicuous, always serving those that need it in the cleverest of ways.

So maybe you’re not on the run from Filch, but just fancy a bit of alone time?

If you’re a cleaning fiend... The Room of Requirement would simply turn into a place with extra cleaning supplies!

So some Hogwarts residents have slightly more imagination than others, but for Argus Filch, so dedicated to his work as the school caretaker, his version of the Room of Requirement just transformed into a room full of extra cleaning supplies. After all, when you’re chasing round unruly Hogwarts students and Peeves the poltergeist, you’ll need a spare scrubbing brush for emergencies. Confess – do you also get excited at the thought of an extendable mop? Then you and Filch would be best friends!

And finally, if you drink a lot of water... The Room of Requirement would turn into a room full of chamber pots!

Keeping hydrated? Good for you! But you’ll probably be requiring frequent visits to the restroom as a result. No problem – Albus Dumbledore once stumbled upon (what we assumed was) the Room of Requirement absolutely chock-a-block with chamber pots! So, if you love to drink water all day long – we think you’d love it here too.