If you're known for being clumsy – perhaps your signature spell would be Episkey? If you're a neat freak? Scourgify. If you just can't be bothered to get off the sofa – Accio is your friend. Find out which spell we've assigned to you.

If you’re a clean freak… your signature spell would be Scourgify

Dirty dishes piled up in the sink. Clothes dumped on the floor. Cobwebs left undusted and undisturbed. If any of this fills you with horror and makes you break out into a cold sweat, then your signature charm would definitely be Scourgify. As someone who can only function when things are spick and span, and whose house always looks like a show home, we believe you’d derive real satisfaction and joy from this helpful spell. Dust and dirt would be nothing but a distant memory – with a flick of your wand it would be banished. And unlike Tonks who never really got the hang of household magic, we reckon you would master it straight away.

If you’re the mischievous type… your signature spell would be Wingardium Leviosa

If Fred and George Weasley are your idols and you’re a master of tomfoolery – we think you’d love nothing more than using the Levitation Charm to help you with your hijinks. We can imagine you hiding out of sight and causing all sorts of chaos with this spell. Just imagine the look of surprise on your friend’s face as the cup of tea they’re holding floats out of their grasp. Or your parent’s bewilderment as the newspaper they were reaching for suddenly flies up in the air. With a simple swish and flick, you’ll find the opportunities for practical jokes are endless. Just remember, it’s Levi-o-sa not Levi-o-SA.

If you’re a couch potato… your signature spell would be Accio

There’s nothing better than settling down on the sofa with a movie marathon, excellent snacks and the knowledge that you don’t have to move from this position for hours. However, there’s also nothing worse than realising that you’ve forgotten to pick up the remote to watch the movie marathon – or the snacks that were meant to accompany it. This is where being a whiz at the Summoning Charm would come in handy. You’d never have to move if you didn’t want to. If this sounds appealing, and you’re the type of person whose favourite thing is to curl up in your special spot on the couch, then this would be your signature spell.

If you love to be dramatic… your signature spell would be the Bat-Bogey Hex

While some spells can be rather efficient for irritating your target, they can also be a bit… boring. The Bat-Bogey Hex is certainly not that. With flying bogies in the form of bats attacking the recipient of this spell, it’s nothing if not dramatic. Like Ginny Weasley, we can imagine your use of this hex becoming legendary. So, if you live for spectacle and excitement, are known for your grand entrances and always like to stand out in the crowd, this is the one for you.

If you often find yourself in embarrassing situations… your signature spell would be Obliviate

Do you often feel as though you put your foot in your mouth? Do you sometimes forget to think before you speak? Do you find yourself blushing beetroot red every five minutes? Then we think you would be a master of Memory Charms. Gone would be the worry of what people thought of you. No longer would lie wide awake in the middle of the night replaying everything you had said. Your expertise at Obliviating people would mean you always had a do over, making those mortifying moments a thing of the past.

If you are rather clumsy… your signature spell would be Episkey

Sometimes, and we’re sure Neville Longbottom would agree, it can feel incredibly difficult to just walk in a straight line without stumbling into a rogue chair leg, breaking something, or tripping over your own feet. If you’re someone who can relate to this well-known klutz, we imagine you often find yourself covered in bumps and bruises. So, what could be more useful than being a master of a spell that can heal those minor ailments? Whether you slipped on an icy path or misjudged where that last step was– you wouldn’t have to worry about getting into scrapes, as you’d know exactly how to fix yourself.