If you were at Hogwarts – how would you earn points for your house? Would you be a Quidditch star or a homework hero? We’ve had a think and made some deductions based on your personality.

If you’re a team player… you’d earn points on the Quidditch pitch

Are you someone that is dedicated to their favourite sport? Are you determined to make your team the best it can possibly be? Do you value teamwork over individual performance? Then we think you’d earn most of your house points for Quidditch reasons. While we are sure that you would be rewarded for being an excellent Chaser, Beater, Keeper or Seeker – it would be your ability to get everyone to work together that really helped pull in those important points. We reckon that not only would you make an excellent Quidditch Captain, but Madam Hooch would be particularly impressed by the unwavering support and encouragement you gave to every member of your team.

If courage is your middle name… you’d earn points saving the school from Dark wizards

For a magical school, Hogwarts does seem to have its fair share of drama involving Dark wizards. Whether its Voldemort possessing the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher or Death Eaters sneaking in via a Vanishing Cabinet – there always seems to be a threat that needs defeating. So, if you’re someone who is unfazed by danger, likes to dive headfirst into adventure and will happily duel with the best of them, then we think you’d earn quite a few points for sticking your neck out and saving the school. Though if you’re not successful, this could also be a way to lose valuable points…

If you’re a know-it-all… you’d earn points in every class

If you and Hermione Granger are similar in any way, then this is how you would earn house points. As a highly intelligent and knowledgeable person, we’re sure you would be sticking your hand up and answering every question you could. No matter whether it’s Transfiguration, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures or even Potions – your detailed answers and enthusiasm for learning would amaze all of your professors. In fact, they’d be so impressed, you would be showered in a constant stream of house points – and certainly on your way to winning the House Cup.

If you’re the caring type… you’d earn points for helping your friends

Are you someone that likes to put others before themselves? Do you take pleasure in helping your friends and family? If someone is moving house, or stuck on their homework, or struggling with organising a party, are you the person they turn to for help? If this is you, then we think you’d earn house points for assisting your friends. We can see you mentoring someone with a particularly tricky bit of Transfiguration, helping the new first-years find their classrooms and we can imagine that you’d be in the running for Prefect. Your caring attitude wouldn’t go unnoticed, and your kindness would earn your house a lot of points.

If you’re hardworking and conscientious… you’d earn points for being a homework hero

If you’re the type of person who is highly organised, wouldn’t dream of missing a deadline and is unafraid of a little hard work, then this would be the attitude that helped you secure those points. One thing that both magical and Muggle schools seem to love is homework, and you would be the very best when it came to that. No matter whether you’re writing an essay on goblin rebellions or trying to master the Summoning Charm, you always try your best and only ever turn in your highest standard of work. Your professors would be suitably awestruck, and you would be known as a homework hero.


If you’re savvy… you’d earn points for helping your teachers

To win the House Cup, you need house points. And to earn house points, you need to be on the good side of those who award them, which is mainly the professors. Therefore, it only makes sense to keep them sweet. If this style of thinking makes sense to you and you’re known for being shrewd, then this is how you would earn house points. We can just see you now – helping Madam Hooch with sorting out the spare broomsticks, collecting weird and wonderful ingredients for Potions and watering magical plants in the Greenhouse when Professor Sprout is too busy… all with that coveted trophy in mind. Though your desire to help is fuelled by your ambition, it’s a win-win for everyone – and where’s the harm in that?