Muggle careers advice for the witch or wizard looking for a vacancy in the real world.
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Hermione Granger – Charity worker

The library might have been the go-to inner sanctum for Hogwarts’ favourite frizzy-haired bookworm, but hefty tomes weren’t the only thing that put a spring in Hermione’s step. Her fiery approach to house-elf rights, and her determination to take Rita Skeeter on for her sneaky story-gathering, proved that she was a witch who liked to make a difference.

Campaigning for a worthy charity would be a perfect fit and we think she’d be good at it, too – after all, she managed to get Harry and Ron to part with their gold in return for a S.P.E.W. badge, so she could probably do anything….

Dobby and Winky in the Hogwarts kitchens with the other elves.

Neville Longbottom – Landscape gardener

Ever since Professor Sprout praised his aptitude for Herbology to fake Mad-Eye Moody, Neville found his niche.

In later life he may have taken up the mantle of Professor at Hogwarts, but in a magic-free Muggle society, he’d most likely show off his green-fingered skills transforming gardens and parks. No doubt he’d create the most memorable flower beds and shrubbery displays.

Neville poses with a plant in the Goblet of Fire.

Molly Weasley – Hotelier

Mrs Weasley was never happier than when she was piling the table high with delicious dishes for her loved ones, so she’d be in her element feeding up guests at a bed and breakfast. Her ability to produce streams of soup and sauce at the flip of a wand would set her in good stead, and she was more than used to having a full house to keep in order.

Don’t forget, this is the marvel who raised Fred and George: anything else is going to be a breeze!

Luna Lovegood – Artist

We can definitely picture Luna in a pair of paint-splattered dungarees with a forgotten paintbrush tucked behind her ear. The beautiful friendship mural on her bedroom ceiling was a fine display of her creative flair, and her distinct dottiness would ensure her work stood out from the crowd.

Luna’s unique outlook on life might not be for everyone, but there had to be somebody out there who wanted nothing more than an abstract impression of Nargles to hang above their mantelpiece.

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Harry Potter – MI5 (Classified)

Since Aurors don’t actually exist in the Muggle world, Harry wouldn’t be able to realise his long-harboured ambition to be one. All isn’t lost though, as there are plenty of other professions that would require similar characteristics.

Harry’s keen sense of observation, strong combat skills and ability to find trouble wherever he went would certainly be useful if he became a spy for MI5. But we can’t tell you everything about his new job in the Muggle world – it’s classified, you see.

Sirius Black – Professional dog walker

It might not be the most glamorous of occupations but charging about outside with a pack of dogs would be right up this wizard’s street. Having lived in a cave by surviving on scraps as Padfoot, Sirius would certainly know how to handle man’s best friend.

His barking laugh, adventurous streak and knowledge of what it’s like to, well, be a dog would definitely come in handy; and as long as he didn’t get them caught up in a tussle with a werewolf we think he’d do just fine.

Sirius as the big black dog with Buckbeak in the cave in Hogsmeade.
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