Being a witch or wizard really would make life easier, just think about Apparition, Time-Turners and Muffliato. So, with Christmas around the corner, here are seven spells we wish we had up our sleeves…

Undetectable Extension Charm

If you’re travelling to see family or friends at Christmas, it’s tricky to find enough room for presents, woolly hats, coats and a few festive snacks. We think the Undetectable Extension Charm Hermione placed on her small beaded bag would be the perfect solution to Christmas packing struggles.

Hermione in her bedroom

Homenum revelio

This spell reveals human presence, so we think it would come in really handy for sneaking gifts into hiding places, away from prying eyes. You can never tell who might be spying from a cupboard or under a bed in a bid to getting a peek at their Christmas gifts. This spell would definitely help keep the surprises secret.


When Harry cast this spell on Peeves, the poltergeist was silenced because his tongue ‘had glued itself to the roof of his mouth’. Many of us have an Aunt Marge type relative attending Christmas lunch. You know who I mean. That person who always says the one thing guaranteed to start a family argument (or cause a young wizard to lose control of his magic). With Langlock you could stop the unfortunate comment before it’s even left their mouth.


Atmospheric Charm

Remember that time Ron – impersonating Ministry worker Reg Cattermole – was sent to stop it raining in someone’s office? It sounded like it was something to do with an Atmospheric Charm. So, we were wondering, if the charm made it rain perhaps it might work for snow too. Worth a go, isn’t it?


We think the Summoning Charm would definitely come in useful at Christmas. Can’t reach the last present right under the tree? Lost your glasses amongst piles of discarded wrapping paper? Want to beat everyone else to that last roast potato? Can’t reach your new Harry Potter book but too full of Christmas pudding to move? Accio! Accio! Acci–all the way.

Harry holding his wand in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament


We reckon Levicorpus – the hooked by the ankle jinx – would have two main uses on Christmas Day, the first as a distraction from disasters. Imagine you accidentally spill some gravy? Levicorpus! Struggling to feign excitement about receiving a book you’ve already read? Levicorpus the attention away. Then there’s the Weasley twins’ entertainment factor. Levicorpus would definitely give everyone a good laugh if the cracker jokes fall flat. A family member dangling upside down in the air by their ankle would surely guarantee giggles from the whole room. Best let your target’s turkey go down first though, eh?


When everyone has collapsed after a hearty Christmas dinner, there’s nothing less appealing than having to drag yourself up off your chair and clean a mountain of dirty dishes. Scourgify is the answer to all your post-prandial problems. Imagine being able to get all those plates, pots and pans sparkling again, with just a swish of your wand.