We know witches and wizards prefer cloaks and robes, but what if they had to live amongst Muggles? Would they prefer trainers or high heels? Hoodies or dungarees? In this article, we imagine the go-to Muggle outfits of our favourite Wizarding World characters…

Hermione Granger

Whatever the season, we reckon Hermione’s go-to outfit would be a casual day dress with pockets. This practical option would not only mean the possibility of keeping paper, pens and maybe even a book on her person at all times, but it would also be an all-season outfit solution. We think Hermione would be interested in an outfit that meant she could spend more time reading and less time choosing what to wear. On the shoe front we think Hermione would be a fan of brogues. Low-heeled for running away from unexpected dangers (Fluffy, we’re looking at you) or towards the library, but smart enough for chairing an emergency S.P.E.W. meeting.

Ron Weasley

We think Ron Weasley’s go-to would be a co-ord – you know top and bottoms that match? We love Ron to bits but some might argue he’s a little lazy, plus he did make some pretty poor fashion choices in the past (remember those dress robes?). What better than a matching top and bottoms, so he’d barely even have to think about complimentary colours? In the winter months we reckon he’d probably go for a tracksuit bottoms and hoodie co-ord. In summer though he might go as far as a Hawaiian print shirt and shorts? Ron was always sick of getting his older brothers’ hand-me-downs, so this would be one way to stand out from the crowd and create his own style. We could also see Ron in a snapback cap – he really did rock that protective headgear when playing Quidditch Keeper. Wouldn’t an edgy cap be the next best thing?

Harry Potter

Harry Potter’s go-to outfit would most likely feature combat trousers. These practical and comfy trousers would mean he was ready for a fight at any moment – plus they’d go with his green eyes. Win-win. Given Harry’s tendency to spring into sudden action and also his regular need to sneak around, we reckon he’d choose a black hoodie or dark-coloured polo shirt. Come on – being targeted by Lord Voldemort before you could walk would make anyone want to blend into the background sometimes. On the shoe side, we think Harry would definitely be a designer sneakers/trainers kind of guy. Just like broomsticks, we could imagine him gazing dreamily through the window of the sneaker equivalent of Quality Quidditch Supplies, bemoaning the fact he couldn’t afford the most expensive pair.

Newt Scamander

Given that Newt’s priority in life is looking after his fantastic beasts, we think he’d go for clothes fit for that purpose. Some well-worn denim dungarees might be a good choice for Newt, along with a pair of sturdy walking boots or even wellington boots – depending on how far into any animal-populated water he was thinking of venturing. We think he’d definitely have some waterproofs handy as well, given he’s no fair-weather friend when it comes to magical creatures. He’d be out there studying them come rain or shine. We’d also think he’d suit a flat cap too because… well just because it would look completely adorable.

Ginny Weasley

We think Ginny would be keen on an athleisure kind of look. With casting frequent Bat Bogey Hexes and winning at Quidditch as your hobbies, we think she’d want to make sure she had some movement in what she was wearing — and a dress would just get in the way. Ginny apparently loved playing Quidditch from an early age, breaking into the Weasley family broom shed from the age of six and taking out each of her brothers’ brooms in turn. We know that she later became a professional Quidditch player for the Holyhead Harpies too, and later, senior Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet. We think her go-to would certainly be sportswear with a glamourous edge – when she wasn’t wearing her Quidditch kit, that is.

Cedric Diggory

Triwizard champion. Quidditch captain. Prefect. Hogwarts heartthrob. We think that Cedric Diggory would certainly want to keep up his image as the most eligible bachelor in town – even in Muggle clothing. We reckon his go-to outfit would be a polo shirt – possibly with the collar upturned if there were girls around – that would show off his Quidditch muscles, as well as his style. On the bottom we think he’d go for some smart jeans with a few artful rips, to show his more adventurous side. (Did you know he faced a dragon in the Triwizard Tournament? He’s very brave). Then footwear-wise, we think Cedric would switch it up between brogue short boots and in summer, a pair of tasteful deck shoes.