Who doesn’t love an impromptu Harry Potter question-answer session? That is our challenge to you, the Harry Potter fans, in our new feature, Muggle on the Street, with special host, Shaunak Godkhindi.

This year, the traveling experience, Harry Potter: The Exhibition, has gone to Atlanta – and we were there to ask visitors about their favourite wizarding world things.

Watch as our fans get quizzed by our hilarious host Shaunak, enjoy everyone emotionally dealing with their Hogwarts house, and discover peoples’ top reason for wanting to go to Hogwarts in the first place.

Can you beat the fan who read the first Harry Potter book 32 times?! And the young gentleman with the light-up wand is officially a legend to us now, of course.

Yes, today, we were hanging out at Harry Potter: The Exhibition, which is a new traveling experience celebrating Wizarding World behind-the-scenes goodness. Currently, it’s in its final few weeks in Atlanta, Georgia, where fans explore props, costumes and other magical paraphernalia from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, alongside some displays dedicated to the hit-play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Our series, Muggle on the Street is only just beginning! So, you never know, if you’re hanging out at a Wizarding World event, maybe we’ll pop up and have a few burning questions for you on some magical topics. So, in the spirit of Hermione, make sure to partake in your studies!

You can check out more of our videos at our official Wizarding World YouTube channel, or to learn more about Harry Potter: The Exhibition, visit the official website.