Have you been watching our Discover Harry Potter web series? This selection of videos is for budding new wizarding world fans to get the ultimate Hogwarts education. Scroll down and learn about the history of magical families, an analysis of Hogwarts houses and much much more.

First off, what is the wizarding world anyway?

This video explains things rather nicely.

OK, good. Now let's go a little deeper. Who are the heroes and villains?

It's not quite as straight forward as you might think...

What do we know about Hogwarts school itself?

This special episode - comprised entirely of LEGO! - will reveal a few Hogwarts mysteries.

Thanks! OK, now let's examine Hogwarts houses. I want to know more about mine.

Of course! Each of the four houses is a lot more complicated than you may realise.

Actually let's dial back a bit - how does magic even work, really?

Good point. This guide to the basic rules of magic should help us understand things a little better.

And if I were a student... what would it be like being at Hogwarts compared to Muggle schools?

Ooh quite different. But even magical folk still get homework.

I'm curious about magical families. Why are some people witches and wizards, but some are not?

It is one of the wizarding world's strange phenomenas. This video digs a little deeper.

I've been sorted into Slytherin - should I be worried?

No, not at all! Slytherin is a fabulous house - albeit with a house founder with cruel intentions. Sadly, many members of Slytherin followed in Salazar Slytherin's footsteps. But not all, as this video explains.

I'd like to learn more about magical creatures

No problem. There are hundreds of fascinating breeds all over the wizarding world.

Lord Voldemort doesn't sound like a very nice guy... what's the history behind him?

How did this Dark wizard become so evil? This video takes a glimpse into the life of a terrifying presence in the wizarding world that would change Harry Potter's life forever.

But wait! I have so many more questions...

No problem. We've answered a bunch of frequently asked fan questions right here!

Well, that was all very insightful, wasn't it?

And that's only the start. Tune in to our Discover Harry Potter playlist on our Wizarding World YouTube, and await future magic lessons. We may not be Professor McGonagall, but we do McKnowitall.

And if you have any other questions about the wizarding world that we have yet to answer, visit our social channels, if you're old enough, and ask away. Who knows, we may just have the perfect answer for you.