Looking to add a sprig of magic to your video calls? Check out these backgrounds we’ve created so you can dial in to your chat, be it for work, or with friends, via Hagrid’s Hut.

Working from home or indeed socialising from home is awash with pros and cons. Pro: you avoid the hustle and bustle of public transport. Con: you are constantly agonising over the perfect, scenic background on your video calls. Bookcase looking a bit askew? Regretting your poster choices? Sunlight shining through the window too much, giving you a featureless face reminiscent of Lord Voldemort?

Never fear. These new Wizarding World backgrounds feature some of our favourite locations in the Harry Potter films, are just what you need to eliminate your woes. From the Room of Requirement to the Potions classroom, simply download these images to live your best wizarding life.

Maybe you could dress up too for added effect. For the Potions Classroom background, for example, simply don’t wash your hair for several days to channel your best Severus Snape!

First up, some contributions from some friends.

Fans of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks can now join their video calls as if you were calling in from Universal Studios, be it Japan, Orlando or Hollywood.

Diagon Alley, Universal Orlando Resort

UOR DiagonAlley VB

Hogsmeade at sunset, Universal Orlando Resort

UOR HogwartsSunset Hogsmeade

A beautiful lit-up Hogwarts, Universal Orlando Resort

UOR HogwartsLights Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade, Universal Studios Japan

USJ wwhp1

Hogwarts in the daytime, featuring the Black Lake, Universal Studios Japan

USJ wwhp2

Ollivander's wands, Universal Studios Hollywood

USH Wands VB

Hogwarts Express, Universal Studios Hollywood

USH Train VB

Hogwarts at night, Universal Studios Hollywood

USH Hogwarts VB

Hogwarts portrait wall, Universal Studios Hollywood

USH Hogwarts2 VB

And some contributions from CineConcerts, the official Harry Potter Film Concert Series!

Pretend you're in the orchestra...


Casually sitting in front of the Goblet of Fire sheet music...


Or watching the Harry Potter films from an immaculate view


Whichever film is your favourite


Such as this brilliant Prisoner of Azkaban moment


Or perhaps you'd like to try our own house-themed backgrounds...

Gryffindor Pride


Slytherin Pride


Hufflepuff Pride


Ravenclaw Pride


And here are our locations-based ones...

The Room of Requirement


Potions Class






Platform Nine-and-Three Quarters


Hagrid's Hut


Enjoy – and see you at Hogwarts, everyone!