Excited to get your paws on the new Hufflepuff house pin set? Well, we’ve done some background research on each of the six pins, and how they relate to the house of the badger...

Hufflepuff house crest


This house crest boasts Hufflepuff’s signature colours of yellow and black. These two colours are evocative of the earth element, representing wheat and soil. Of course, the original Hogwarts crest was designed to showcase all four houses in one single emblem, but this pin will let you show everyone that you belong in this kind-hearted house.

Hufflepuff cup


There is a portrait of house founder, Helga Hufflepuff, in the Hufflepuff common room, over a wooden mantelpiece. In it, she is holding a tiny, two-handled golden cup. A cup just like this special pin, in fact! You’ll notice the words: patience, dedication, and loyalty adorning the cup. These are all Hufflepuff qualities. A Hufflepuff student who set this excellent example was Cedric Diggory, who showed all of them whilst competing in the Triwizard Tournament.

Hufflepuff house banner


This pin reminds us of the house decorations that adorn the Great Hall at the end of the school year. At the feast, the house that has won the House Cup will be heroed in coloured banners like these. The yellow and black in this pin lets us know that in your heart, Hufflepuff wins every time!

Hufflepuff house badger


The badger represents Hufflepuff and appears in many places throughout Hogwarts – including the decorative dancing badgers carved into a wooden mantelpiece in the house common room! The Hufflepuff common room itself is reminiscent of a badger sett, as it’s cosy, round and low-ceilinged.

The Fat Friar


The Fat Friar is the Hufflepuff house ghost. In life, it is thought that he was born late into the tenth century and was sorted into Hufflepuff house at Hogwarts. After school, he joined a mendicant religion as a friar. Unfortunately, the Fat Friar’s kindness was his downfall. His fellow clergy grew suspicious at his ability to cure the pox with nothing but a stick, and he was soon executed. Despite, the fact he apparently still resents that he was never made a cardinal, the Fat Friar really is quite a jolly fellow!

Hufflepuff scarf


Hogwarts is a chilly place, so a scarf is definitely a must! Not to mention famous Magizoologist Newt Scamander, who seemed very fond of his own Hufflepuff scarf! You’ll notice that this pin also includes some wise words from the Sorting Hat about the kind of witches and wizards who belong in Hufflepuff. Every year the Sorting Hat sings a different song about dividing the students into the four houses. You can find out your own Hogwarts house here!

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