Are you roaring with excitement at the new Gryffindor pin set? We’ve done some background research on each of the six pins, and how they relate to the house of the lion...

Gryffindor house crest


This house crest boasts Gryffindor’s signature colours of red and gold. Red is evocative of the fire element, as well as the Weasley signature hair colour. Of course, the original Hogwarts crest was designed to showcase all four houses in one single emblem, but this pin will let you show everyone that you belong in this lion-hearted house.

The sword of Gryffindor


This sword was made especially for house founder, Godric Gryffindor, from pure silver. You’ll notice that the hilt is inset with rubies, which is the stone that represents Gryffindor in the hour-glasses that count house points gained by students at Hogwarts. You’ll notice the words: bravery, courage, and determination adorning the sword. These are all Gryffindor qualities – along with loyalty – that Harry Potter showed before the famous sword appeared to him in a moment of need.

Gryffindor house banner


This pin reminds us of the house decorations that adorn the Great Hall at the end of the school year. At the feast, the house that has won the House Cup will be heroed in coloured banners like these. The scarlet and gold in this pin lets us know that in your heart, Gryffindor always wins every time!

Gryffindor house lion


The lion represents Gryffindor and appears in many places throughout Hogwarts – as well as on Luna Lovegood’s roaring hat! Lions are brave, daring and bold. They differ from other cats as they live in a group, also known as a pride, so it’s possible this animal was chosen to represent the loyalty and teamwork displayed by Gryffindor students.

The Fat Lady portrait


The Fat Lady is charged with the important task of guarding the door to the Gryffindor common room. Despite her stern demands for passwords, this portrait isn’t afraid to celebrate with Gryffindor students, as well as have a little fun of her own. This ranges from making up festive passwords like baubles and banana fritters, to singing and socialising with her portrait friend, Violet.

Gryffindor scarf


Hogwarts is a chilly place, so a scarf is definitely a must! Plus, at Quidditch matches, these house scarves often made an appearance when cheering on fellow Gryffindors! You’ll notice that this pin also includes some wise words from the Sorting Hat about the kind of witches and wizards who belong in Gryffindor. Every year the Sorting Hat sings a different song about dividing the students into the four houses. You can find out your own Hogwarts house here.