Ooh, to be the person in charge of the wizarding community! Is this the best job ever – or actually the most stressful?
Minerva McGonagall, Madam Rosmerta and Cornelius Fudge in the Three Broomsticks

Every wizarding community has its own Ministry of Magic. America’s version is called MACUSA, and in Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald, we stepped foot in the French Ministry of Magic for the first time.

With every Ministry comes a valiant leader – who can help shape the wizarding world for the better, or, in the case of some, for the worse. For example, Cornelius Fudge used his power in the position to try and deny the truth about Lord Voldemort’s rule, while Ministers of the past have been far more useful, such as Eldritch Diggory, who fronted the Auror recruitment programme. So, if you were Minister for Magic, how would you change the wizarding world? Here are some pros and cons to the career choice...

Pro: You get to make a real difference

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The first pro is pretty obvious, of course. You’re Minister for Magic! You can create your own departments of the Ministry of Magic, you can instigate new rules, you can follow your passions, you can be a wizarding world legacy. In the history of British Ministers for Magic (which you can read about in deeper detail here) we’ve had Ministers who have lobbied to have the Quidditch World Cup hosted in Britain, we’ve had Ottaline Gambol, whose interest in Muggle technology led to the inception of the Hogwarts Express – and then there was Millicent Bagnold, who fought for the wizarding community’s ‘inalienable right to party’ after Lord Voldemort’s demise.

Con: But if you mess up, it has huge consequences

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Of course, it’s not all fun and games all of the time – and certain Dark wizarding world events have shown us how certain Ministers for Magic react in harder times. In the case of Cornelius Fudge, his fear of Lord Voldemort led to us seeing the more cowardly side of his reign – using his influences with the Daily Prophet to try and cover up the whole thing. After finally having to admit the truth, Fudge was unceremoniously sacked – leading the way for Rufus Scrimgeour, who didn’t fair much better, eventually being killed by Lord Voldemort, who then took over the Ministry.

Pro: You may be able to influence Muggle events

The guest entrance to the Ministry of Magic

Over the centuries, the Ministry of Magic have had their ups and downs with the Muggle world – with some Ministers working with their non-magical counterparts, and some, not so much. For example, Cornelius Fudge had a relatively awkward working relationship with the Muggle PM of his era, usually having to inform him of unfortunate Wizarding World events, such as the escape of Sirius Black, and then later, the ascent of Lord Voldemort. In the 1700s, the Muggle Prime Minister of the day, Lord North, actually sought out the help of current Minister for Magic, Porteus Knatchbull, to see if he could help King George III’s mental health. Then there was Priscilla Dupont, who used to magically torment the Muggle Prime Minister Lord Palmerston, such as turning coins in his pockets into frogspawn.

On more serious occasions, Minister for Magic Archer Evermonde banned the British wizarding community from getting involved in helping with World War I (though thousands defied him) while in America, there was the 1777 debate, ‘Country or Kind’, where thousands of wizards and witches debated on whether they should get involved in the American Muggle Revolutionary War – with the US deciding yes and the UK deciding to ‘sit it out’. It’s an interesting thing to think about for anyone taking the post.

Con: It is a lot of power to have

Dumbledore closing the doors

Albus Dumbledore famously turned down the Minister post several times, explaining that he didn’t think he could be trusted with such power. This didn’t stop Cornelius Fudge corresponding with Dumbledore on a frequent basis, haplessly asking for advice...

But some deal with the power better than others, such as Kingsley Shacklebolt, who took out the Dementors from Azkaban prison, and generally instilled a calmer outset on the wizarding world. So it is possible to utilise your authority in a logical, sensible fashion, especially as you’re as cool and collected as our Kingsley.

Pro: The perks

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A guaranteed Top Box seat at any Quidditch World Cup, a fancy office, knowledge of what really goes on in the Department of Mysteries... on top of all the murky stuff, you can’t deny the ultimate wizarding world job would have some nice perks. We might skip the wearing of a lime green bowler hat, though.

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