As we find ourselves in October, in the UK, things are getting colder, Hallowe'en is on the way, and crisp golden leaves & conkers line the streets. Let's look through some autumnal passages of the Harry Potter stories to really get in the seasonal mood!

It wouldn’t be autumn in Britain without some rain! The combination of the raindrops on the windows and the giant orange pumpkins feels very autumnal to us.

One of the highlights of autumn has to be Hallowe’en! And the wizarding world certainly knows how to make this spooky holiday spectacular. We would have loved to have attended this feast…

There’s nothing quite like making the most of a sunny day in autumn. It can make anything feel better… even a mountain of homework.

While being caught in incredibly heavy rain is never fun, we reckon being safely ensconced on the Hogwarts Express as it hammers it down would feel rather warm and cosy.

The Gryffindor common room is just built for autumn evenings. With the red and gold colour scheme, the comfy armchairs and the roaring fire to warm you up – it’s the perfect spot to spend those chilly evenings.

Another perfect rainy moment! This would be such a cosy way to spend an afternoon – we’d even put with the bickering about S.P.E.W. if it meant we were warm and toasty.

What could be better than having perfect autumn weather, when waving the next generation of witches and wizards off at King’s Cross Station, to start (or continue) their own adventure at Hogwarts…