The first month of the year is always a tough one to get through – so join us for five minutes for a chuckle at some of our favourite funny moments from the Harry Potter films.

1. Hermione vs. Draco

Kudos to Hermione for managing to successfully ignore Draco Malfoy and his motley crew most of the time. Although during Prisoner of Azkaban (when Hermione was under a lot of stress!) it was time to knock a bit of sense into him.

2. Ron’s first Howler

Aw, a lovely moment in any young wizard’s life – getting your first big red letter yelling at you! And Ron had the added pleasure of having his set off right in the middle of the Great Hall. Ron’s facial expressions say it all here.

(Congrats on Ginny for making Gryffindor, by the way.)

3. A frosty reception

Not another clip where Draco Malfoy gets some much-deserved consequences? Yes, let’s do another one. This time, with the help of the Invisibility Cloak, Harry invites Draco to a little snowball fight. Unfortunately, Malfoy doesn’t seem in the mood for a bit of wintry fun.

4. Freshly caught Cornish Pixies

Next up, an actual teacher unleashes a horde of pixies on to unsuspecting second years! Another Hogwarts triumph for health and safety. Thankfully, Hermione is around to fix the problems of grown-up wizards. Bonus points for Neville for the 'why always me' moment. Relatable.

5. 'Take her away, Ern!'

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is introduced to the Knight Bus, a triple-decker magical marvel that doesn’t exactly champion safe driving. This scene is just pure chaos and someone should take away Ern’s driving licence! Entertaining, though.

6. ‘But I am the chosen one’

Picking a date for a party is always an awkward and anxiety-inducing moment in any teen’s life, perfectly exemplified by Harry and Hermione here.

This clip gets bonus points for Hermione hitting Harry after his ‘Chosen One’ spiel (making this our second entry for Hermione hitting someone!) and Luna’s extremely cool party dress where she looks like a pink Christmas tree. The best kind of party dress.

7. ‘Longbottom’s neglected his earmuffs’

And finally, a nice bit of gardening, courtesy of Professor Sprout. Except this isn’t exactly a soothing gardening experience – because it involves screaming Mandrakes. Thankfully, Professor Sprout has a lovely bedtime manner, so when Neville passes out, she simply suggests to leave him there.

We hope these clips gave you a smile. There are plenty more on our official YouTube channel.