Jacob Kowalski may have found himself thrust into a brand-new world, but he certainly handled it with an excellent sense of humour. We've ranked his top five funniest moments of the series so far (whether they were intentional or not) …

A warning! Spoilers for both Fantastic Beasts films are featured in this article.

5: When Jacob met Nicolas Flamel

It's always awkward meeting new people - but imagine meeting someone who is essentially immortal. This is exactly what happened to Jacob when he met the famed alchemist and creator of the Philosopher's Stone, Nicolas Flamel. And what's the best thing to say to an immortal person? "You don't look a day over 375", of course!

4: When Jacob tried to style out Newt’s Niffler robbing a jewellery store

This was certainly a moment that made us chortle. While Newt was trying to catch his Niffler, who was happily causing chaos in a closed jewellery shop, Jacob was just stood there trying to act casual and not draw attention to this amusing scene. His little winces were excellent. And when he found himself facing the police, while inexplicably covered head to toe in jewels, he tried to style it out by saying ‘they went that way’ – and gave us all a good laugh in the process.

3: When Jacob saw Newt climb into his case for the first time

Jacob has some brilliant reactions to things and this moment is no exception. The little scream he emits when Newt climbs into his case gets us every time. It was so involuntary but also so loud – he was clearly struggling to process what was going on in front of him. Though, he does quickly accept what he has seen and follows Newt – providing us with more merriment. The sight of Jacob climbing into the case and ungracefully falling down the ladder is never not going to be funny.

2: When Jacob tried Gigglewater

In second place we have yet another Jacob noise. This time it’s his giggle when he tries Gigglewater. Poor Jacob. Here he is trying his best to fit into a world that makes no sense, while attempting to act all suave and flirt with Queenie… and then he takes a sip of that magical drink. Out of nowhere comes a loud and ridiculous laugh that he can’t stifle. While we reckon that this was not the impression that he was trying to make, we couldn’t help but find it endearing and hilarious.

No-Maj Jacob Kowalski gets a glimpse into New York's secret magical world with Queenie Goldstein at The Blind Pig speakeasy

1: When Jacob was chased by an Erumpent

The top spot really couldn’t belong to anything else. While we thought the mating dance that Newt did was funny, it was no match for the hilarity that ensued when Jacob accidentally spilled Erumpent musk on himself. Watching him be chased, while wearing his little helmet, by an amorous Erumpent was just so funny. The No-Maj had gone from trying to get a loan at the bank to finding himself slap bang in the middle of creature chaos. His expression as he was hanging from a tree was priceless... and we bet he was trying to work out just how he had ended up in this ridiculous situation.