Imagine if Harry Potter was busy washing his hair, and didn’t have time to be the Chosen One. Who would be the best witch or wizard to fill the position?
Neville defies Lord Voldemort and holds the sword of Gryffindor in the aftermath of the Battle at Hogwarts.

Let’s consider, for a moment, that being the Chosen One was optional. Harry Potter, as much as he appreciated being considered for the role, didn’t feel quite up to the task of bringing down the Darkest wizard the wizarding world had ever known, and decided to pursue his Quidditch career instead. In his absence, who would have been the best witch or wizard to take over the job? Who could have taken on the role with Harry’s admirable level of suffering in silence (with the occasional enraged outburst, of course)?

Let’s look at the top six candidates for the position. It pays nothing and comes with a side of highly confusing prophecies, but someone has to do it!

Hermione Granger

Hermione was an all-round genius. Harry and Ron wouldn’t have made it past the Devil’s Snare in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone without her, and they certainly wouldn’t have destroyed all of the Horcruxes on their own. In all honesty, Hermione pretty much did the whole thing single-handedly anyway!

If she were the Chosen One, she probably would have discovered the news for herself during a little bit of light reading (sorry Dumbledore, no need to get involved), finished off all of the Horcruxes by third year and then focused on what really mattered: her education. With this in mind, it was probably best that Harry was the Chosen One. It would have been over far too quickly if Hermione was in charge.

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Ginny Weasley

Can you imagine Voldemort running around after being on the receiving end of one of Ginny’s infamous Bat-Bogey Hexes? Not only was the formidable Weasley renowned for that particular jinx, she was also an excellent flier, and wouldn’t be bogged down with Hermione and Ron (sorry guys) while out hunting Horcruxes as the Chosen One. The more we think about it, the more Ginny flying around on a Cleansweep Seven casting Bat-Bogey Hexes on Death Eaters sounds like an excellent idea. The youngest Weasley sibling would get it done in style.

Ginny pointing her wand in the Room of Requiremnt

Neville Longbottom

As the ‘Almost Chosen One’, Neville was born for the role almost as much as Harry. He had the same drive, because Bellatrix Lestrange tortured his parents into insanity, and after a little training he also excelled in one particular subject, just like Harry did with Defence Against the Dark Arts. However, Neville’s chosen subject was Herbology. As such, we imagine that Neville’s tenure as the Chosen One would have introduced us to a whole host of new and exciting magical plants, herbs and fungi that would destroy Voldemort in a variety of interesting ways. Would he use Mandrakes to subdue the Death Eaters? Line his tent with Mimbulus mimbletonia while on the run as a method of defence? Give ’em plant-based hell from us, Nev!

Neville poses with a plant in the Goblet of Fire.

Draco Malfoy

Throughout the Harry Potter novels, Draco’s arc is motivated by his misguided desire for superiority, respect and admiration, inherited from his parents. But in the final book, he appeared to develop something of a conscience, and found himself majorly conflicted between protecting his family and doing the right thing. As such, we think that making Draco be the Chosen One would be the push he desperately needed to actually join the good side and save the wizarding world. After all, think of the recognition he’d get – he’d love it!

An emotional Draco looking in the mirror

Luna Lovegood

Luna believed in far-fetched things, which can only help when you are being chased by a Dark Lord who believes he has to murder you to rule the world. As such, Luna (with the help of her sidekick/father, Xenophilius) would find the most unusual and creative ways of destroying Voldemort’s Horcruxes and, upon meeting him face-to-face, would probably tell him he was covered in Wrackspurts. That’s not to say that Luna wouldn’t know what she was doing. As a Ravenclaw, she would also have the intelligence to work out what needed to be done – and we think she’d have been an admirable Chosen One. Especially if she cast her final spell on Voldemort while wearing her famous radish earrings.

Luna wearing her Gryffindor roaring lion hat

Dobby the House-Elf

We missed the owl post where it said the Chosen One had to be a wand-carrier, and therefore are putting forward the one and only odd-sock-wearing free elf, Dobby. House-elves have powerful magic that wizards do not possess, which is sort of like how Harry had the power of a mother’s love. If Voldemort didn’t understand it and couldn’t utilise it, that is surely a good sign. House-elves can also Apparate anywhere they like, meaning that there was little chance Dobby could be caught by old Voldy! We’re very confident that Dobby would get the job done and be back at the Hogwarts kitchens in time for supper.

Dobby holds the sock which grants his freedom from the Malfoys.

Who do you think would get the job? The Chosen One can’t be… erm… chosen lightly, so pick well! But then again, maybe Harry really was the right person for the job. After all, who else would bring their friends along for a year-long camping trip to search for Horcruxes, escape Gringotts on a dragon and use Expelliarmus against Voldemort (of all spells!). As much as we’d love to see everyone have a go at being the Chosen One, you have to admit that only Harry could have pulled it off in the way we all know and love.

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