A much-needed homage to the rugged, second-oldest Weasley sibling.
People try to restrain the four dragons before the first Triwizard Task

Ah, Charlie Weasley. A man of few words. But while he doesn’t occupy many pages throughout the Harry Potter series, that doesn’t mean we don’t savour every moment he turns up. And we’re pretty sure we know exactly what he’s like. Okay, fairly sure.

A proud Gryffindor – like the rest of his family – Charlie was both a prefect and a Quidditch captain during his time at Hogwarts. Oliver Wood said that he ‘could’ve played for England’ – but instead, after graduating, Charlie went to study dragons in Romania.

Look, we’ll admit it. We’re probably a little bit in love with Charlie Weasley from afar. This is why.

He was good with animals

We know that Charlie was brave because he was sorted into Gryffindor – but it doesn’t just require bravery to work with creatures like dragons. As Newt Scamander showed us in Fantastic Beasts, working with animals also means having a lot of empathy and respect for other living creatures. That’s something that is very easy to admire about Charlie.

‘How’s yer brother Charlie?’ Hagrid asked Ron. ‘I liked him a lot – great with animals.’
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

He gave a helping hand to his younger brother (and friends) with their ridiculous problems

The first time Charlie had an impact in the plot of Harry Potter, he was actually helping out Ron (and Harry, Hermione and Hagrid). When Hagrid illegally hatched a baby dragon in his cabin, Ron, Harry and Hermione got involved – which meant calling upon Charlie for help.

Sure, rescuing Norbert meant arranging for his colleagues to sneak onto the Hogwarts grounds in the dead of the night, and break who knows how many school rules – not to mention wizarding laws – but Charlie hatched a plan to rescue Norbert anyway. That guy.

‘Charlie,’ he said.

‘You’re losing it, too,’ said Ron. ‘I’m Ron, remember?’

‘No – Charlie – your brother Charlie. In Romania. Studying dragons. We could send Norbert to him. Charlie can take care of him and then put him back in the wild!’

‘Brilliant!’ said Ron. ‘How about it, Hagrid?’
And in the end, Hagrid agreed that they could send an owl to Charlie to ask him.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

He had presence

Please read the following description of Charlie Weasley’s arms. Need we say more?

‘How’re you doing, Harry?’ said the nearer of the two, grinning at him and holding out a large hand, which Harry shook, feeling calluses and blisters under his fingers. This had to be Charlie, who worked with dragons in Romania. Charlie was built like the twins, shorter and stockier than Percy and Ron, who were both long and lanky. He had a broad, good-natured face, which was weather-beaten and so freckly that he looked almost tanned; his arms were muscly, and one of them had a large, shiny burn on it.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

He had the classic Weasley ability to create chaos

Charlie, and Bill for that matter, had both grown up and left home – but what they still shared with their siblings was the easygoing, over-the-top, sometimes delinquent Weasley sense of humour (with the exception of Percy) and tendency to create chaos wherever they went.

The source of the commotion was revealed as they entered the garden and saw that Bill and Charlie both had their wands out, and were making two battered old tables fly high above the lawn, smashing into each other, each attempting to knock the other’s out of the air. Fred and George were cheering; Ginny was laughing, and Hermione was hovering near the hedge, apparently torn between amusement and anxiety.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

He would fight for what’s right

When Death Eaters appeared at the Quidditch World Cup, Charlie didn’t hesitate to get involved and fight. Perhaps that’s why Dumbledore later asked him to become a member of the Order of the Phoenix and gave the second-oldest Weasley the task of ‘making contacts in Romania on his days off’.

Bill, Charlie and Percy were already sprinting away towards the oncoming marchers; Mr Weasley tore after them. Ministry wizards were dashing from every direction towards the source of the trouble. The crowd beneath the Roberts family was coming ever closer.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

He had varied and unexpected skills

We know that Charlie was an excellent Quidditch player and had a way with dragons – but do you know what else he was good at? Darning. And there’s something very appealing about a man who isn’t afraid to pick up a needle and thread.

Rain lashed against the living-room window. Hermione was immersed in ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 4’, copies of which Mrs Weasley had bought for her, Harry and Ron in Diagon Alley. Charlie was darning a fireproof balaclava. Harry was polishing his Firebolt, the Broomstick Servicing Kit Hermione had given him for his thirteenth birthday open at his feet.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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