From fellytones to fusewire, Arthur Weasley just adores a Muggle gizmo. Imagine his face if he were ever to be introduced to some of these...
Harry and Arthur use the guest entrance to the Ministry.

If our beloved Arthur Weasley can get excited over one singular battery, we can only dream of his elation if he were to get his hands on some of our favourite, everyday Muggle gadgets. Arthur, we’d swap everything on this list for a wand any day.

Washing machine

They spin around. They wash things. They drain things. They spin around some more. They make a loud noise! They wobble about a bit! What’s not to love? Imagine introducing Arthur Weasley to an actual washing machine – a huge box full of goodies, such as a motor, a gearbox, cables, springs, the works. All of Arthur’s faves.

Despite the fact wizards and witches can simply use Scourgify should they need to do any washing, we can imagine Arthur spending hours of fun watching his robes spinning round and round... You know, despite magic being faster.

We also conceive that Arthur would absolutely lose his mind over washing liquid tabs too.

Electric drills

We know Arthur Weasley worships Muggle tools, due to his OTT reaction to a set of screwdrivers Harry gets him one Christmas. So, imagine when he sees the next level of these – electric tools.

With a press of a button, Arthur can enjoy the delights of... watching a drill make a loud noise. Now, that’s real magic. We also imagine The Burrow would be considerably more holey as a result, though.


Based on what he does to his old Ford Anglia car, surely a computer would be the ultimate Muggle artefact for Arthur to get his hands on. He’d probably spend several weeks with the motherboard alone.

While regular Muggles sigh in irritation and end up on hold to a call centre when their computers break, we imagine Arthur would voluntarily break his just to put it back together again. We also imagine he would have an adorable social media presence.


You put bread in. It springs back up and becomes toast. Even as Muggles, we still get pretty excited by the invention of the toaster, to be honest. We know in Arthur’s line of work at the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts office he’s had to deal with a hiccoughing one, on occasion. But that’s the job. Imagine if Arthur owned a fully-working one to play with in his spare time. Bliss. And so much toast.

Clapper lights

Sure, light switches are cool – but clapper lights are where it’s at. And, well, though they might be considered a bit retro these days, need we remind you that wizards and witches still use parchment and quills? We understand the lack of computers – Muggle technology is known to go haywire in a magical environment – but not even a ballpoint pen, guys?

Anyway, Arthur Weasley plus a clapper light would be hours of endless entertainment. Remember your first dimmer switch when you were kids? Be honest – that was a bit exciting.


Picture the scene: Arthur Weasley trying to make a video call on a smartphone and filming his ear the entire time. It’s a classic dad move, and when you happen to be a wizard-dad, the larks Arthur would have with a modern Muggle smartphone would potentially be endless. An Arthur Weasley selfie with his thumb over the camera would be a definite. And we live for the day that Arthur discovers emojis.


As technology evolves for us Muggles, the more Arthur Weasley would have to get excited about. Although he’s already sort of invented a self-driving car. As our inventions get bigger and more innovative, we bet Arthur would certainly be keeping up to speed. Arthur would probably get more excited about a drone than an actually magic broomstick, wouldn’t he?

We’d just love to see poor Molly’s face if Arthur ever discovered robots – and the hours he would spend tinkering with them. And don’t get us started on Artificial Intelligence – we wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Arthur were to invent the wizarding world’s equivalent of the Terminator.

Happy birthday, Arthur!

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