Luna is without a doubt one of the most wonderful characters in the Harry Potter series. And part of her charm is that she’s a delightful mix of wise, kind and absolutely wacky all at the same time. Here are eight of her wackiest moments…

That time... she read The Quibbler upside down like it was completely normal

The first time Harry ever set eyes on Luna Lovegood she had ‘her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping’ and was wearing a ‘necklace of Butterbeer corks’. But perhaps the oddest thing of all was that she was reading her magazine – The Quibbler – upside down. It was certainly a brave look for a Hogwarts Express journey, but then it just about summed Luna up. A brave, wacky individual who was always herself, no matter what anyone thought.

That time... she warned Harry about Nargles in mistletoe

What are Nargles? Nobody really knows, apart from Luna that is. We don’t know about you but Luna has changed mistletoe forever for us. Not only does the traditional Christmas foliage remind us of our favourite dreamy Ravenclaw, but we will now inevitably point out when under any mistletoe: ‘probably full of Nargles’ and – just like Harry – thoroughly confuse anyone in the vicinity.

That time... she wore those fetching Spectrespecs

In a heartwarming mirroring of the first time Harry met Luna in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, a year later in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Harry sat with Luna and Neville again on his way to Hogwarts on the train. This time, instead of being embarrassed by them, he chose to sit with them in a compartment rather than with others:* ‘You are cool,’ said Harry shortly. ‘None of them was at the Ministry. They didn’t fight with me.’* That being said, Luna was sporting some very interesting Spectrespecs – glasses that supposedly allowed the wearer to see Wrackspurts – invisible creatures that ‘float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy’. Another stand-out style choice from the queen of individuality.

Luna with her Spectre Specs holding the Quibbler

That time... she laughed at Ron’s joke for wayyyy too long

We all know Ron Weasley’s a hoot a minute, but there are limits to even his joke-cracking abilities. Granted, his gag about Goyle looking like a ‘baboon’s backside’ was pretty funny but maybe not quite as funny as Luna Lovegood found it. She ‘let out a scream of mirth that caused Hedwig to wake up and flap her wings indignantly and Crookshanks to leap up into the luggage rack, hissing. Luna laughed so hard her magazine slipped out of her grasp, slid down her legs and on to the floor.’

That time... she commentated the Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor Quidditch match

From forgetting the names of players, to pointing out ‘interestingly shaped clouds’, to being ‘singularly uninterested in such mundane things as the score’, Luna commentating the disastrous Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor Quidditch match in Half-Blood Prince had to be one of the most unexpected and hilarious moments of the whole series.

Ron said of the hilarious commentary: ‘I hope Luna always commentates from now on...’ and we whole heartedly agree. And if you don’t, you’ve probably got a case of ‘Loser’s Lurgy’ just like Luna diagnosed for Zacharias Smith during the match.

That time... she wore those radish earrings

Yes, you read that right. They were earrings, they were radishes and they were orange. What a look! At least if Luna ever got hungry, she had a healthy snack hanging from her ears to nibble on. We included this moment for more than just the radishes though. The first time Harry noticed Luna’s radish earrings was also when she randomly declared her belief in him:

Luna took a great breath and then said, without so much as a preliminary hello, ‘I believe He Who Must Not Be Named is back and I believe you fought him and escaped from him.’
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

We sometimes wish we could wear our hearts on our sleeves as wonderfully as Luna Lovegood.

That time... she wore a roaring Gryffindor lion hat

‘I’m supporting Gryffindor,’ said Luna, pointing unnecessarily at her hat. ‘Look what it does...’ She reached up and tapped the hat with her wand. It opened its mouth wide and gave an extremely realistic roar that made everyone in the vicinity jump.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

If you’re ever wondering whether you’ve overdone it when showing off your own house pride, just remind yourself of Luna’s lion hat – and she wasn’t even in Gryffindor!

That time... she warned everyone about the Rotfang Conspiracy

This had to be one of Luna’s wackiest moments of all. In conversation with Harry, Slughorn and Snape at Slughorn’s party, she became very concerned about Harry’s desire to become an Auror. The reason for this? According to Luna, the Aurors were actually ‘part of the Rotfang Conspiracy’. What did this mean, we hear you ask? Luna told the group that the Aurors were ‘working from within to bring down the Ministry of Magic using a combination of Dark magic and gum disease.’ Wow, just wow.

Luna wearing her roaring Gryffindor Lions Head