LEGO have launched four exciting new Harry Potter-themed sets, filled with all your favourite characters and various Hogwarts classroom locations.

The four LEGO Hogwarts Moments have been carefully designed to represent some of our favourite Hogwarts subjects and classrooms. Simply open the cover of the brick-built playbook to magically reveal an instant playset. Each set will reveal some of your favourite story moments tied to the class that each Head of House teaches.

We love that when placed together all four connect to create a fantastic 360-degree Hogwarts play space. When you are done, simply close the cover of each book and take it with you.

Tackle Transfiguration

Transport yourself to Transfiguration with the minifigures of Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Head of Gryffindor Professor McGonagall. In this set, you could grab a spell book from the cupboard and help Ron figure out how to turn Scabbers into a goblet. Or use the blackboard and desks to help Hermione with the more advanced spells.

Practice Potions

For those of you who prefer brewing potions to muttering incantations, why not enter the Hogwarts dungeons and the classroom of the Head of Slytherin, Professor Snape? This potions-themed set invites you to imagine polishing up your potion-making skills and learn alongside minifigures Seamus Finnegan and Draco Malfoy. While your potions are bubbling away, take a moment to explore the secret chamber, as a fun extra feature.

Handle Herbology

For green-fingered folk, step into the Hogwarts greenhouse and join Head of Hufflepuff Professor Sprout, plant enthusiast Neville Longbottom and Hufflepuff hero Cedric Diggory. If you are feeling brave (and have remembered your earmuffs), have a go at potting a Mandrake with this set. Or if you are looking for something a bit less high-risk, fill up your bucket at the watering station and head on over to tend the pumpkin patch. The set includes all of these meticulous little details so you can re-enact the perfect Herbology lesson.

Conquer Charms

One of the most iconic and memorable Hogwarts lessons must be when Harry and his classmates learnt Wingardium Leviosa for the very first time. If only we could grab a wand and join Head of Ravenclaw, Professor Flitwick, on top of his stack of books and have a go at levitating our own feathers! So, recreate your own Charms class with this detailed set – and if you get stuck, maybe your Cho Chang and Harry Potter minifigures would be more than happy to lend a hand!

Each of these enchanting playsets are available here, so you can waste no time in creating your own Hogwarts vision.