With Christmas fast approaching that can only mean one thing, presents! But is your gift giving style most like Harry, Ron or Hermione? We’ve had a think and made some decisions based on your personality.

Are you an overgenerous gift giver like Harry?

Growing up, Harry didn’t have much. Even though the Dursleys were hardly short of money (the mountain of birthday presents Dudley would get shows that), they spent as little as they possibly could on him. So, when he discovered the fortune left to him by his parents, he went the opposite way and wanted to share what he had with others. At the Quidditch World Cup, he bought Hermione and Ron a pair of Omnioculars without caring about the cost – he just wanted to make sure they had the best experience watching the match. He also handed Fred and George his Triwizard Tournament winnings without a second glance, and that was one thousand Galleons! If you’re someone who is known for going all out at Christmas, will happily spend more than you should if you find the perfect present and doesn’t mind being a bit short of cash in January as a result, then you’re most like Harry. Some people might assume you’re showing off but really you just want to make those you love happy.

Are you a practical gift giver like Hermione?

Hermione was a rather logical and practical person, which was often reflected in the presents she gave. She always thought carefully about what someone would need as opposed to what they would want. Sometimes that really paid off – like with Harry’s Broomstick Servicing Kit. Other times its wasn’t so well received – like the talking homework planners she gave Harry and Ron as fifth-years. If you’re someone who is a fan of useful rather than decorative presents, you’re most like Hermione. Though that doesn’t mean the gifts you give are boring or impersonal. In fact, knowing exactly what would make someone’s life easier shows you have put a lot of thought into who that person is. So, whether you gave your parents that kitchen gadget they desperately needed or your friend some funky new stationary for a job they were about to begin, there’s no doubt they appreciated it.

Are you all about giving fun presents like Ron?

Christmas presents should be all about joy! They should be things that bring a smile to your face – and they definitely shouldn’t be serious. If this is your philosophy, and you’ve been known to give anything from practical jokes to a huge box of a person’s favourite sweets, then your style is most like Ron. He was one for fun presents – especially when he helped run Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes in Cursed Child. Who can forget the comb he gave to young James Potter which turned his hair pink? Or the farting gnomes that he presented to Lily? Even in his schooldays he didn’t go in for practicality. After all, he once gave Harry a bulging bag of Dungbombs for Christmas. As somebody who is similar, we reckon you enjoy embracing your childish side too – and you would be a lot of fun at Christmas.