Pop on a maroon jumper and get ready to eat a lot of food.
Illustration of Ron Weasley by Jessica Roux

When it comes to life advice, using Ronald Bilius Weasley as a role model might not immediately spring to mind – but actually, he taught us a lot of valuable lessons. Things like owning up to your shortcomings, learning from your mistakes and not being afraid to stick up for your friends. Oh, and why it’s totally fine to be wary of spiders. We could all learn something from Ron, you know.

If you’re awkward at flirting, just ask for some advice

When it came to wooing the ladies, Ron wasn’t exactly flush with success. Let us never forget the infamous line: ‘Hermione, Neville’s right – you are a girl…’

And while his relationship with Lavender featured some typically teenage PDAs, we can’t even really remember a wooing process taking place, and Ron’s break-up with Lavender was simply terrible.

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Which is why Ron needed his older brothers’ advice. When Fred and George gifted him a copy of Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches, at least it was a start.

‘Explains everything you need to know about girls. If only I’d had this last year, I’d have known exactly how to get rid of Lavender and I would’ve known how to get going with … well, Fred and George gave me a copy, and I’ve learned a lot. You’d be surprised, it’s not all about wandwork, either.’
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

We’re not entirely convinced the self-help book was the best way to find romance, but the point is everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. And it did teach Ron to be more respectful around women, such as suddenly paying Hermione compliments. To be like Ron, don’t be afraid to take advice. (Although if it comes from someone like Fred or George, we suggest you consider it carefully first.)

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Get yourself a swear jar and turn your bad habits into Galleons

If you’re anything like Ron you’ll be a champion of cursing, and we’re not talking Avada Kedavra. Who needs that when you’ve got ‘Merlin’s most baggy Y-fronts’ in your arsenal? Ron would have rather called someone a ‘brainless git’ (Lockhart) or told them to ‘eat dung’ (Malfoy) than thrown a curse of the Unforgiveable variety. Which is, obviously, a good thing.

And you, too, can turn such habits to your own advantage. Invest in a swear jar, pop a coin in it every time you utter a Ron-style curse or expletive, et voilà! You might actually make some money out of your swearing abilities.

Illustration of Ron' s dress robes from the Gobelt of Fire

Embrace maroon

Ron knew exactly who he was. As Harry Potter’s best mate and the second-youngest Weasley he might have felt overshadowed, but he was never ashamed to be himself. That includes repeatedly rocking a colour that he hated – maroon. Seriously, who owns as many maroon-coloured items as Ron? Pyjamas, socks, dress robes, multiple jumpers (admittedly given to him by his mum, so he didn’t have much say about the colour). Ron may have grimaced at his assigned signature colour, but if you want to be more Ron, this darkish brown-y shade of red is the only one for you!

Acknowledge your flaws

Another colour Ron did occasionally embrace was green. As in, the green-eyed-monster of jealousy, you see. Being the best friend of Harry Potter was obviously tough on Ron, but his jealousy never properly exploded until Harry was ‘chosen’ for the Triwizard Tournament.

PMARCHIVE-WB F4 RonWeasley InBedAngryInDormitory HP4D-0100 4EwTmhzOmkiIQcQ8QiIeO6-b3

After a brief fall-out, Ron eventually came to his senses and became as supportive as possible during Harry’s tasks. Nobody likes a jealous friend, but it’s healthy to acknowledge your emotions and healthier still to learn from them. Don’t ignore all your worst feelings; they’ll only fester, like Malfoy’s.

Surprise your loved ones with occasional flashes of brilliance

Ron wasn’t stupid, yet when it came to studying he could be a bit lazy. But don’t be fooled. In actuality, Ron was keeping his talents quiet so as to shock his friends and family at crucial moments. From his champion chess game in Philosopher’s Stone to his surprise opening of the Chamber of Secrets during the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron’s insightfulness always seemed even more brilliant because it was largely unexpected.

The giant wizard chess on the way to get to the Philosopher's Stone.

Follow Ron’s lead and not only will you never have to do much work, you’ll also be setting yourself up to deliver this zinger of a line any time someone dares comment on your abilities: ‘Always the tone of surprise.’

Grab the ginger hair dye (if needed) and borrow some ancient dress robes

If all else fails, you can always channel Ron’s aesthetics, simply by replicating his impeccable fashion sense and his iconic hair colour. Ron might’ve scoffed at his hand-me-down clothes, but we like to call it rocking the retro look. No matter what Ron might’ve thought about himself, Weasley is our style king.

Ron holding up the destroyed locket Horcrux.
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