Cushions. Check. Favourite drink. Check. Snacks. Check. Erm, Harry Potter book? Definitely check.

Make a den

Entering the wizarding world for the first time is a pretty big deal, so make sure you’re cosy once those Hogwarts doors open. We thoroughly recommend making a den – or a blanket fort – whatever you may call it. Get every cushion in the house, prop a duvet up to create a little tent – get creative! Just make sure to ask your parent or guardian before stealing every cosy thing in the house!

Get some good snacks in

Learning about wizards is hungry work – and once you get introduced to the amazing Hogwarts feast – you’re guaranteed to get a bit peckish yourself! So, have a handy snack-horde nearby. Harry’s favourite is treacle tart – what’s yours? Maybe you could even try an eat-a-long. Got any corned-beef sandwiches in, by any chance? That’s usually what Ron is (reluctantly) eating...

Make sure the lighting is good

Reading in the dark might give you a bit of a headache, so make sure you’ve got a lot of lighting, especially if you have made a den. Sadly, we cannot cast Lumos with our wands, so try torches and lamps to create a Hogwarts-like atmosphere!

Pick your favourite Harry Potter book

Merlin’s beard, there are just so many Harry Potter books to choose from! Maybe you’re reading someone else’s tattered old copy of the first book, or maybe you’re lucky enough to have one of the new shiny illustrated versions? Whichever Harry Potter book is your favourite, and in whatever form, the wizarding world is always just a page turn away.

Try some reading challenges afterwards!

So, you’ve blasted through five chapters in one sitting? We can’t say we blame you! But once you are done reading your fill for the day, you could try a little quiz afterwards. Check out our brilliant first-year quiz section to see how much wizarding world knowledge you’ve consumed! Every day you’ll get better and better results.